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  1. Question Water Temps - Heat Wave

    Hey all-

    Considering the northeast's recent heat wave; how long on average does it take a stream to warm up and stay warm? For the past few days we've had temps in the high 80's and low 90's and I've got a friend telling me that this is putting an end to trout fishing in VT/NH. I have a hard time believing this but wanted to get more information from the community. What factors will cool a stream back off?

    Thanks for any info!


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    I don't really know the answer to your question, but ideal water temp for trout is between 52ºF and 65ºF, with brookies not loving anything over 70ºF and browns and rainbows not liking it past 75ºF. Time to fish for bass

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    Heat can certainly change things up.

    Fishing tailwaters(bottom release/penstocks) can be a better place to fish, as the cooler water is being released from the bottom and fish will tend to look for this.
    Also consider fishing much earlier or later in the day.

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    As already mentioned, spring creeks and tailwaters will keep a pretty steady temp even in the hottest weather. A mountain stream will also stay cool if there's some nice overhead cover and some shade. Getting up in elevation definitely helps. A mountain stream will suffer in the summer from low water though, which will then lead to higher water temps. If your freestone mountain streams still have a decent flow then the fishing will probably still be good. I've had good brookie fishing here in VA in the mountain streams even in August in years with plenty of rain. Also good advice by fyshstykr to concentrate on the early and late parts of the day.

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    Eventually most of the streams will warm up so just remember that trout are more stressed in warm water, so get them in & released quickly with as little handling as possible

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