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    Default Info on Small Streams to fish in Vermont

    Hi Guys
    My wife and I will be traveling through the northeast in the coming weeks. We will be driving through Vermont the second week of October on our trip. I would really like to fish some of the small streams there. Are there any small streams near Sugarbush Maple and Cheese Farm that I could wet a fly in? I will only have a couple of hours to fish, but it would be nice if I could say I landed one of those colorful brook trout there.
    Thanks for any information

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    Default Re: Info on Small Streams to fish in Vermont

    I'm heading up to that general area next week, a bit further south and west of Woodstock near Ludlow. I've fished the Ottaququechee River west of Woodstock along RT 4. I've never fished any of its feeder creeks. I googled the place you're staying at to see where it was located and it looks like the road that you would use to get there crosses several feeder creeks. Might be worth checking them out and maybe the lodge owner could make some suggestions. Don't let the size of the creek deter you over the years I've got brookies out of some very small streams. They may have been barely 3 inches long, but holding one in your hand is like holding a living jewel. Good luck.

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