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    help i would like to know the setup for striper and blue fish,im going to ri this fri and would like to know what set up to bring,for 10 wt rod. From the fly line to the fly and what knots to use how long leader, what knot to use from leader to wire allbright i would think, and wire to fly we dont use wire in fla well i dont, also any sug on fly thank you very much sfields4748

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    Default Re: striper and blues ri


    Fly line- either a WF floater or Intermediate if you’re fishing from shore. If you are fishing from a boat, a fast sink on an extra spool would be good to add in case they are deep.

    Leaders- nothing fancy needed here.
    With a Floater, an 8 foot leader of something like 4’ .035 Mason to 2’ .020 Mason to 2’ 15-16 lb Mason (or 4/2/2 feet of 40lb-30lb-20lb)
    For an Intermediate or fast sink, I would just use a straight shot of 4’ of 16-20lb test (not a tapered leader). The short leader will keep the fly at depth.

    Wire will turn off bass, so I would only use it if blues are biting you off. You can rig up a couple of flies in advance for blues with a wire using knotable tieable nylon covered stuff like Tyger wire or you can use the piano wire sevenstrand stuff. If you use single strand "piano wire", attach the wire to fly with a haywire twist and use an Albright to attach wire to leader. As I say, I would rig up a few attached to a couple flies in advance, then all you have to do is it attach to your leader. They don't have to be long, 4" should do it. Maybe you could pick up 'stuff for cuda down there that would work. Blues will do a job on flies, so a fly like a 2/0 surf candy with epoxy and synthetics might be a good choice to rig up. If Blues are on a feed, they'll whack it (or anything else). If you tie, just a simple fly with white bucktail wing would be good. (no body needed)

    If you’re expecting big bass, you can use a short shock leader of 60lb test for bass, but most times I don’t bother. This will also increase your chances of landing a blue.

    As far as flies, they’re not too picky (usually) Bring or tie some 1/0 chartruse clousers to imitate sandeels and be able to get some depth with a floater or intermediate. Another fly to have is a Deceiver of some sort around 2/0 or 3/0 (white, blue over white, olive over white whatever) to imitate mullet, menhaden (called bunker or pogies up there) which will also be around.

    You MAY also run into False Albacore and Bonito now too. Add some size 2 (not 2/0) white surf candies or you can make some easy to tie stuff, just sparse white bucktail wing, topped with a sparse amount of brown bucktail from the “wrong” side of a bucktail with a body of white thread or pearl mylar or body braid if you want to get fancy.. These will imitate bay anchovies (about 2” long over all) If Albies or Bonito are around, don’t use wire or a shock leader.

    Other popular patterns are Rays Fly (easy to tie), Snake Flies (spun deer hair head) and Crease flies, but if you have a bunch of clousers and deceivers and a few small white things for Albacore you will be pretty well covered. And if you add some 2/0 surf candies to rig up on wire in advance for blues

    Good luck. Looking forward to pics!!

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    Default Re: striper and blues ri

    The peanut bunker (immature menhaden) that are the bait du jour this time of year are not around in the numbers that they normally are.
    But butterfish have been attracting bass and blues over south county reefs for about 3 weeks.
    Finger mullet seems to be the ticket in the breach ways and along the beaches, while the anchovies are schooling in the estuaries and in the lee of points.
    Lots of silversides around too.
    False Albacore (little Tunny) have been getting the bulk of attention for about a week. Good time to come

    Like peregrines, I like a 3 part leader of about 8'. (60%, 20%, 20%)
    And I use a straight 6' piece of 16-20# mono for poppers. Bluefish love poppers.
    Get some of the knotable wire. Anything else is a pain.
    You can attach it to the tippet and fly with normal knots like the non-slip loop,the surgeon's knot, and clinch.

    Nasty weather predicted for Friday and Saturday this week.
    If you like casting in highs winds (and who doesn't !) it's a good time to be fishing a 10wt.

    PM me where you'll be and I try to give you some tips on where to fish.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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