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Thread: local creeks?

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    hey what are some local creeks in pa? close to shamokin mount carmel area that good for fly fishing?

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    go to the pafish commision site and look up maps, then your county. It will show all the streams.
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    I always used the old stand by method of taking a drive in the mountains where I had never been and when I crossed a creek I got out and took a look. No joke here! If the stream looked good I strung up a rod and gave it a shot. If I caught any trout I kept my mouth shut. If I caught none and saw none the stream was off of my list for future trips.

    From Shamokin area I would head up to Fishing Creek at Benton or the head of Muncy Creek at Nordmont. For Brook trout the head of Fishing Creek above Jamison City via the State Forest roads is a good bet.

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    In addition to the above advice, I just Googled "Trout Fishing Northumberland County, PA" and got this: Northumberland County, PA Fish and Fishing Lakes, Rivers, Dams, Streams, Reservoirs, and other Fishing Spots | Hook and Bullet

    I like Ard's idea about driving past creeks and stopping. I always keep at least a minimum amount of fishing gear in the car (Jeep), and that way I'm never left standing near a stream wishing.

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