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    Hi All,

    Just joined up and waiting for the ice to leave. I used to do a lot of fly-fishing, tying, and rod building, but kids and sports, WORK, and Town Boards had me change direction. But that was back when “Cortland Pro Shops” where running strong. Yah, that was over 30 years ago.

    Start of the winter, I took stock of my gear and found minimum damage from the moths, tippets still good, fly line in good shape, except for one, 4 reels just needing some fresh lube, and only one rod needing minor repair. Plus one rod that was only half done.

    In preparation for this year I have finished the partially done rod, built another “pack rod” and a 12 ½ ft Spey rod for 6 weight line.(Spey casting just looks like a lot of fun!!) Organized my fly tying stuff into 2 portable chests that now sit 3 feet from my work station.

    Now just as soon as the “black flies” and Mosquitoes’’ arrive, I will start looking for some fish. My first choice is Brook Trout, not that they get big or fight real well, I just enjoy being where they live.
    No man is a failure who is enjoying life.
    -- William Feather

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    Amen to that! Welcome.


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    Welcome to the forum and fly fishing! Looking forward to your posts.


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    Welcome! Maybe we can get a Brookie Swap going in the near future.

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    Welcome to the board, those brookies are great, and those colors are like an artist's dream. Since you're in E. MA, do you chase "salters" (sea run brook trout) too?


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    Nope, never gone after sea run trout. Have tried Shad a couple of times, but just caught Herring and the damn eels. Eels I found best to just cut the foul creatures loose!

    I seem to favor small water with lots of pools and mini falls, and of course the biting bugs.
    No man is a failure who is enjoying life.
    -- William Feather

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