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Thread: Veterans

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    Who here in the Northeast is a veteran

    Can we get a roll call or even start a new core group?

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    Got one here. Navy. I can't believe it was 50 years ago.
    "All things considered, I'd rather be in Philadelphia."

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    Army, many years ago.

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    Army, over 30 years ago.
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    Marines 75-83 E-5 Retired

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    Army, I feel old now
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    From the Northeast but currently live in the Southeastern US. Entered the US Navy @ MEPS New Haven, CT. 1985. Did 6 yrs active and a few reserve.

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    I was gonna answer up for roll call but I'm not from the Northeast. Are you guys planning on seceding, or is that none of my business?

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    I was in the KISS Army. Dishonorable discharge though after I bought "Nevermind the Boll*cks Here's the Sex Pistols".
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    I guess I'm the youngest here!

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