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  1. Default Who wants to fly fish?

    Hey everyone, My name is Nick and I'm 21 and I just joined this forum. I've been fishing since I was like 5, and fly fishing for about 2 years now. I've fished dozens of rivers in MA and even more lakes and ponds and had a few questions. Where are there good small streams around MA? I frequently fish the Quinnie, Squannacook and the Swift, but I love to fish the small streams that feed into rivers like these (like trout brook in Holden). Are there any like these around Worcester, MA or in Central MA? Also, I've been looking for someone to hit the waters with but I can't seem to find any of my friends who likes to fish. Therefore, anybody looking for a fishing buddy? Thanks guys and look forward to reading the posts.

    Hey Everyone,

    Before we keep welcoming Nick you should know he posted this 2 1/2 years ago.

    Welcome Nick
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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    Hey ncomeau welcome to the forum. Hopefully you'll get some offers from folks on this board. But you also might try hooking up with a local Trout Unlimited chapter too. Most have group fly fishing trips to local waters, and you're sure to meet up with some new fishing buddies. You can search for local chapters near you here:

    Council/Chapter Search | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    Here are some other resources for you:
    DF&G website:
    MassWildlife - Fishing Information

    C and R areas in MA:
    MassWildlife - Catch & Release Fishing Areas

    For MA trout Review of Trout Fishing in Massachusetts Trout Streams of Southern New England: An Angler's Guide to the Watersheds of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island: Tom Fuller: Books

    And an excellent book for NE Hatches: Hatch Guide for New England Streams: Thomas, Jr. Ames, David B. Tibbetts: Books

    Good luck out there.


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    Hi Nick:

    I think I can help. I'm interested in the same kind of fishing, (fished trout brook yesterday) and I am looking for someone to occasionally join in on a trip. Send me a PM and I will get in touch, we can plan something soon.

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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    I'd be interested in hooking up for some local action thru the winter if yer interested...drop a line.


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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    Welcome to the forum ncomeau. I live in Northern Minnesota and we are not long from being iced over, so I am not going to be much help in the fishing partner area. But welcome to the forum again, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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    You came to the right place!!!

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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    Nick,hope you'll find a fishing buddy soon...It's far funnier to fish with a friend

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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    welcome to the forum nick. it sounds like you may already have found some fishing buddies out in your neck of the woods
    i'm lookiing forward to reading about your future fishing endeavors.
    have fun and be safe



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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    Another good resource for search streams is Google Earth.


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    Default Re: Who wants to fly fish?

    two and a half year old thread
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