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K2QY 05-18-2009 05:07 PM

Hello to group,
Been lurking a while, so thought I should say hello to everyone.

I grew up fly fishing a small private lake in the Adirondacks but eventually moved on to bigger fish in Champlain and Lake Ontario, s/m bass fishing and fall salmon. The last fifteen years or so, got side tracked by blue water sailing, ending up with a 45 foot sailboat out of RI. We have caught tuna, blues, dorado, and various others fish while out and about.

Years past have found me fly fishing New Foundland, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado and even South America.

I've just started getting back to my roots again with fly fishing. I've even got my wife interested and we are heading out next week for the Elk River in WV.

We've been fishing the Battenkill for the past month with a bit of sucess, and a couple of local creeks here in Albany. Since my wife has never done fly fishing before, I am enjoying her excitement as she learns this new sport.

Anyway, you may catch either me or both of us, out and around the Albany or VT area.


peregrines 05-19-2009 11:08 AM

Re: Hello to group,
Hey K2, welcome to the board. Sounds like you and your wife are having a lot of fun. Feel free to make yourself at home, lot's of good folks here.

Good luck on the Elk- looking forward to a trip report!


GlowbugAng 05-27-2009 04:43 PM

Re: Hello to group,
Hi John,

Try the Kaydeross creek up around the Saratoga area... my husband caught a nice brook trout up there last year. I lived up in Clifton Park and that was one of my favorite spots.

Live down in Cairo now, so we fish more locally down here now.

Best of luck and maybe you will run onto me and my husband out fishin' someday!


K2QY 06-02-2009 04:36 PM

Re: Elk River report :-D
OK, so we're back from West Virginia and here's the scoop:

They have had a rainy spring, so the rivers were all a bit high, the water a little stained. We fished the upper Elk, lower Elk and the Williams rivers. The rivers there are in an area with a lot of limestone caves, so very cold (55-58) and stay that way all year. The Elk actually drops below ground for a ways and re-emerges again, hence the upper and lower designation. There is a LOT of natural feed, particularly since the levels are up a bit. There were areas of didymo (rock snot) that were thicker than I've seen around Albany. There were some hatches but not many trout jumping. Hatches seen: sulphers, green drake, coffin flies, few march browns and dobsons. While some trout are stocked there were places we tried with wild only. Only catch and release. Browns, rainbows, speckled, and golden were the species. Infact the origenal golden trout was found here, and bred from one single fish.

That said, we had a great time! We all caught fish, my wife catching her first on a fly. Many, many hits that were missed. most fish were in the 1+ pound size with one nice rainbow I caught about 2+ lbs. This was a huge learning experience for all of us, as these are big fast rivers. Wading out chest high in a roaring stream, learning where and how to fish such water, and learning about specific hatches being the important lessons. We did hire a guide for each of the three full days who I requested to spend most of his time with my wife. Yes, guides can be expensive, but we reaped a great bit of local knowledge that we would have spent a log time figuring out ourselves.

The techniques and hints I learned I used on Monday after we returned on the Battenkill. The Battenkill can be a tough river to fish because of the pressure from other fishermen, but I did very well, catching at least a dozen fish in a few hours. I outfished a guy next to me by about 4 to 1! I moved upstream to the catch and release area and nabbed an about 2 1/2 pound brown.

Would we go back? Absolutley! We're hoping for maybe this fall or next spring again. The place we booked was the Elk River Lodge in Slatyfork. It's an Orvis recommended place with nice clean rooms, good food, and excellent guide service. They are on the internet, and I found them very fair to deal with, very honest and willing to do anything to make your stay relaxing.

K2QY 06-02-2009 04:41 PM

Re: Hello to group,
So Ang,

Where did you wade in on the Kaydeross? East or west of the northway? We go by it regularly and I know it's supposed to have good size browns but have never fished it. It's a big kayak stream too (but I'll be walking). Any "local" knowledge you wish to pass along will be aprreciated.



peregrines 06-03-2009 08:06 AM

Re: Hello to group,
Sounds like you had a blast in WV-- great report!

Too bad about the Didymo (rock snot) It seems to be spreading like wildfire and taking over streams.

And it's always great to hear about guides that can teach- it sounds like you learned a lot in WV that translates well for fishing your local streams.

Glad to hear you and your wife are so into it.


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