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  1. Default Handbuilt kick boat/ portable PICS

    what do you think?? i just finished this little boat and took her on her maiden was built as a lake boat but could be used in slower rivers!

    portable as in 21 pounds... fits in a 6 foot truck box! has carry straps like a back pack!

    floats and fishes great. it moves fast with minimal power.

    and i think it looks pretty cool.

  2. Default Home grown pontoon...

    I admire you for your creative handiwork. Do you come from a sailing background as I think a small sail would look great on it? Do your feet reach the water so that you might use kik fins? 20 lbs is is very light. of what is it constructed? Let us know how well you are able to fish from it? Good luck.

  3. Default Re: Handbuilt kick boat/ portable PICS

    actuall yes it sit about 5 inches from the surface of the water and you use kick fins for power.

    i am actually designing a small sail set up that would fold out of the way for fishing.

    the boat is made of yello poplar, red cedar, ripstop nylon and spar urethane.

    took me about 30 hours to design tweek and build.

    fishies great!! i caught 6 bows in the first hour... well beyond wading depths in the middle of the lake!
    it is much faster and dryer than a tube!

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