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    hi everyone, i am looking to buy a GPS. what i would like to have is a unit that i can have in my car that speaks and gives driving directions but one that can also be taken from the vehicle to the stream so i can mark refrence points. from what i have been seeing what i want isnt on the market. i either have to buy both a handheld and a car gps. anyone have any info they care to share?

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    I have a compact handheld Garmin that I use for outdoors mainly. But I download roadmaps to it and use it in the car with a power supply cord that plugs into the lighter. It's far from being what you want, but it gets me there. But it seems I read somewhere that road GPS units (at least some) accept topo maps, as long as the software is compatible (example would be Mapsource from Garmin).

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    well i see there are portable car gps units. i am going to call tom-tom and see if wooded areas are included on the maps and or what i can do fit my needs......

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    I'm very curious as to the recommendations that follow. I have a Tom Tom for my car that is so easy to use it's as a sin. I recently drove 7 hrs from Jackson, MS to Mountain Home, AR and the driver was using a Garmin handheld but watching him was like watching someone text and drive!? It was a little scary. I would think that an outdoor handheld would be compact, waterproof/resistant, and accept topo maps while hiking and navigating through marshes, swamps and waterways. My Tom Tom talks to me about directions and alternate routes but his Garmin did not. I can focus on the road and driving while he was always looking down at his handheld.

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    Hi PAMike,

    I am afraid that you are going to end up with a unit that doesn't do either job very good. I don't know of a portable unit that has voice directions. The Portable units are made for use in places you might use fly fishing. You should decide what feature is most important to you. If you want to take it on stream or into the woods you should get a portable unite and give up the voice directions in town. If you think voice directions is the most important then it won't be as good for fishing. There are some Garmin portable units that claim better service in the woods.


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    Mapsource from garmin doessn't give topo maps because;
    topo maps have to have been created by a source such as the DNR who do the surface research which would very unlikley be inclued in Mapsource.
    What you are looking for in a GPS, is one that reads the 3 formats of Co-ordinates used to find location by satelite.
    I'll give you an example of a GPS that does this and its the Garmin Nuvi. You can be in the middle of a lake have your Nuvi on and want to mark that spot as a good fishing location. You can hit save and go back the next day and find the exact GPS co-ordinate locations and fish the same spot. This is something commercial fisherman have been doing for years, if i'm not mistaken Lowance came out with the original technology after Pres. Reagan released the private use of the satellites put in space after the Star wars Program. GPS itself can't give you topo readings of a lake. Use a depth finder on you boat, co-ordinate and mark the depth yourself to create a map for yourself. No DNR is going to take the time to mark an ever changing surface for your use.
    SO; use a depth finder for bottom topo and a Nuvi (I mention this model because I know it does co-ordinates) to mark the spot. You need to do a paper makeup of the location you just charted then go back in a month and see how much it has changed to see how futile it would be to try to make a map for your convenience. Sign up to this link to learn from the best about GPS use; Layin' down tracks - ADVrider
    PS, that GPS, Cadillac put in their car to pimp the item off as a great idea to get your old lady to have you spend way more than you make for nothing is not what you're looking for (it'll more than likely lead her and the kids down some street they shouldn't be on in reality).
    Great GPS technology is a tool to be used with other tools that take work to get results. Gettin your kid to soccer isn't one of them that rate high on the charts :-)

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    so the moral of this story is that there isnt a product to satisfy my needs.....

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    If you fish one lake and want to learn as much as you can about it the combo of a GPS that reads co-ords and a depth finder is a lot of fun. Try your DNR on line and get a general map of the lake you want, a lot of the maps are semi topo with general depths, print out several copies and keep data on them for future use. It's a lot of fun learning the waters you fish and remember your states DNR will take a portfolio on structure/ fishtype/ depths include all the co-ords for them to locate your findings. They WILL use them and appreciate any detailed workup of any lake. I started to do water temps this year at certain locations since I mainly fish one lake and am trying to figure out how to log them and where to put their importance.
    Once you get used to using the gear, it becomes second nature.

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