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    I got my new knife today. It's a Ka-Bar Large Drop point. it has a 2 3/8" blade and is just super. UIt comes in a sheath and I can really feel the quality of the knife and the sheath. I'm going to keep it in my vest so that when I catch a nice trout that I want to take home and eat I can gut him right there on the stream so he doesn't have to suffer in a basket or on a stringer. I didn't want a pocket knife because I didn't want to have to worry about the joints rusting. And for those of you that are total catch and release, in tennessee all the trout are stocked. 75% of the places I fish the trout won't make it through the summer. And we pay extra to fish trout because of it. So it's pointless to let the trout die from asphixiation when I can take one or two home and eat them. But anyway the knife is really great, and I'd reccomend it to someone looking for a knife that isn't a fillet knife. It cost me $30, but I know as long as I don't lose it it'll last me forever.


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    I like to eat them every now and then too, especially the smaller stockers and brookies. If you are going to eat them, the sooner the better.

    I have a small fixed blade knife that I keep on my wader belt for trimming line, etc. that has a 440c blade and bamboo scales. They were made up for a large Orvis order that was later cancelled. AG Russell has recently had them on sale for about $75-- not bad for a custom knife that looks like it should be taken flyfishing.

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