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    Question Waders for less than $150

    I've never really used waders and I dont know the first thing about them. What is the best pair of waders I can get for under $150? Is it even worth buying waders that cheap?

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    Yes, it is... and these come with a 100% satisfaction guaranty, no questions asked return or exchange... pretty hard to beat.

    They also make a great boot that was designed specifically to beat the invasive species problems we have around here, and other parts of the country/world. Order them 2 sizes larger than your street shoes (2.5 if you wear a half size) because they run small.
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    Default Re: Waders for less than $150

    In a catalog from The Fly Shop they state the Redington breathable is the best that they've seen for around a hundred dollars. Might be worth checking.

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    Default Re: Waders for less than $150

    I've had a pair of the Cabela's Dry-Plus bootfoots three years
    No problems

    I don't wear them all the time though,they're in a 'rotation' with 3 or 4 other pairs.
    Neoprenes, old 'fly weights', hip boots ...and out of those, I probably use the canvas hippers the most

    All depends on the situation
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    Default Re: Waders for less than $150

    I don't use waders all the time, but I got a pair of Cabela's 3mm neoprenes that are really nice for about $50. They can get a little warm in the summer, but then I usually just wear sandals and shorts. You would have to buy boots for these. I just went out to Walmart and bought some sturdy rubber boots. It works for me.

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    Default Re: Waders for less than $150

    I have the Orvis Clearwater Endura wader...which happens to be on sale right now.
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    Default Re: Waders for less than $150

    Just keep in mind that waders come in a couple different materials, now mostly neoprene or "breathables" and mostly 2 styles:

    Bootfoot, with molded boots built in.

    Stocking foot, which require wading shoes that go on over the "stocking feet".

    I have a couple different ones. The neoprene style can be real hot in the summer and you'll probably end up wet from sweat. But they offer good insulation in cold water and are pretty tough. I have a cheap pair of Hodgemans that get just thrown in the truck and have lasted for years. They're also heavy and bulky compared to breathables which could be an issue if you plan on flying with them.

    Breathables are the lightest, and real comfortable to wear in all seasons, (wear layers of synthetic fleece etc in cold weather). Because some of these have problems with seams leaking, look for brands (or stores like LL Bean or Cabelas) that offer a lifetime guarantee, even on the less expensive models so you can get a repair/replacement if they spring a leak.

    Bootfoot waders are convenient, easy on and off, and are great for areas like sandy beaches, and because they don't require wading shoes, can be less expensive for comparable models. They can be a pain to walk in for long distances, and offer a lot less ankle support than stocking foot + wading shoes, and can be a pain if you fish in muddy streams where you may be constantly pulling your foot out of the boots.

    Stocking foot waders require wading shoes, offer more ankle support and are great for rocky streams, walking long distances, chafe less, and are generally a lot more comfortable than bootfoot waders. They tend to fill up with sand though if you fish sandy beaches and might be a bit more expensive in total since you'd need to add the cost of wading shoes.

    But no matter what type or style you get, waders are a big help to access the stream and get out from shoreline trees and brush and will probably give you more options for backcasting when the water gets too cold for wet wading, and will extend your season if you live in most areas of the country.

    Another potential complication is the spread of invasive species like Didymo also called "rock snot". This has led to a ban of felt soled waders/or wading shoes on some waters, and there are now new synthetic rubber type soles that are said to be good for gripping rocks etc if you fish where the footing is treacherous. If you fish these types of streams, I'd look into these newer type soles (on either boot foot or wading shoes +stocking foot waders) because more and more waters are banning felt.

    Good luck and keep asking questions if you have them.


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