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Thread: tippet question

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    hey all, new here...but heres the question, ive been going through tippet pretty often and have been spending a lot of money at orvis. i was just wondering if the scientific anglers tippet and leader are any good? or any better? any opinions appreciated

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    I like RIO tippet. As a general rule Orvis is way over priced. For everything. No offense. SA tippet is just as good as Orvis.

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    You might also give Cabela's house brand a try... It's also worth noting that when I make up leaders for the salt, I use either Ande or Stren mono in the pound test I desire.

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    I bought some Orvis tippet and every time I tie some on I snap it after a fish or two. Bought some Frog Hair tippet and havent lost a fish.

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    I agree with the Frogs Hair, but I only use flouro tippet and I do like the Orvis also, but FH is darn good, I even make my own leaders with it.

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    Brandon, last I knew, "Orvis" tippet came out of the SA factory. Orvis actually manufactures only a very few of the products they sell, and leader and tippet is definitely not one of them.

    The best way to save money on tippet is to not buy it. By that I mean that you should buy a 300 yard or so spool of Ande, Stren, or whatever in the size you need and refill that convenient little tippet spool whenever you run out. IT shouldn't take too long to do that and you will save oodles of money that way. Alot of the cost of tippet is the handy little spool and the work that goes into putting it there. A 300 yard spool should run you about $8 (I think) and you will get 10 tippet spools worth out of that.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    cliff..are u talking about using normal fishing line for like spinning rods and stuff?

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    I do use regular fishing line on Stillwater, but then I am not too worried about taper. Keep in mind that regular line (as in bait or spinning) is a different diameter than fly fishing although they may have the same "X" or lb.
    I build my own leaders for picky waters and rivers and streams and it starts at 0.0021 to 0.005 for a 6X (with seven more sizes in between), kinda hard to do this kind of taper with regular fishing line.

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    I was talking about using regular spinning line as tippet in this case. Joni is correct that the diameter of 6lb mono will not be the same as 6lb (4x?) tippet. The spinning line will normally be thicker, stiffer and actually stronger than 6lbs. It also should be a little more abrasion resistant than tippet.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    does the normal line cast as good?

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