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    I'm new to fly fishing and was putting some gear together and ran across the Dr. slick release clamp. Is this worth getting? Of course, I'm going to get some forceps but just wondered about the tube release feature. Thanks.

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    That loop thing looks like a really good idea to me.

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    don't use one never will.

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    The three on the right in your link are the bomb if you wear mittens or full fingered gloves when fishing. They clamp AND release by squeezing the grips together.
    As for the hook removal tidbit, I don't see much need. Just clamp on the hook with a quick jab away from you and the hook is easily removed.

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    That hook removal thingy works the same as the Ketchem Release tool
    A fantastic gadget if there ever was one.
    As an added bonus I believe that those Dr Slick clamps are cheaper too
    2 for 1
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