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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    Hi Ken,

    I just noted that it has a vertical configuration and I think a horizontal configuration is more stable in a boat. Just my preference.

    I still think it is a heck of a bag for the money.

    That's generally a good point, Frank. But this bag is constructed in such a way that it keeps the center of gravity very low. And it's molded polymer bottom is highly "grippy." I found it to be far more stable than it looks. I had zero issues with it moving or tipping over in a flats boat or kayak.

    Also, the top compartment is not deep enough to really put anything in there that would really change the weight distribution equation unless the bottom compartment is completely empty.

    My initial thought was the same as yours: the config of the bag will make it "tippy," which will also make it want to "travel" around the floor of a bigger boat. But actually using it proved me wrong.

    Moral: I try very hard not to pass judgment on products I have never field tested in a variety of conditions over a period of time. There are the occassional "you gotta be kidding me" exceptions to the rule, but they're when I got my pro corner press release from SA about Sharkskin fly lines. I immediately thought: that's gonna rip the **** outta my hands (stripping mostly) and collect dirt, sand, algae, salt, etc. like a mofo! Sure nuff. But if you've done much fly fishing, you could see that one coming like a burning freight train loaded with fireworks.

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    Cabela's has the Patagonia Sub-Divider in their Bargain Cave right now for $99.88.

    Seems like a heckuva deal to me.

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