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Thread: Sylk line

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    Default Sylk line

    Just got done reading Doug's article on the Cortland Sylk line and had one questions left unanswered.

    It was mentioned that the line is a bit smaller diameter than the typical floating line. To me this means it is somehow more dense, and may not float as high as a typical modern floating line. To Doug and anyone else: how does this thing float? all day?

    Me with a question for once, whoodathunkit?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Big Cliff,

    it's my view that this line handles quite differently from those we normally fish ... Yep, it floats all day, but not at all that high. More importantly, it lifts like a dream ...

    Keep in mind that it was Cortland's intent to replicate the handling of the finest silk line using today's technology. They accomplished their goal.


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