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    Hi All,
    Any one have any experience with a native watercraft kayak with pedal propel. Looking at fishabliity, easy loading to car top, accessories and any thing else you can add to the mix. So far I like it better than the hobie proangler because of weight for loading. Thanks for you help and looking forward to comments.

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    Hi tiger2,

    I have not fished the Native Watercraft Propel but have evaluated them in preparation of maybe buying one. The hull bottom has an excellent design that should make it very stable. I liked the trolling motor model but both models look good. The prop design of the paddle model may be more efficient than the Hobbie style of paddles.

    The one negative that I saw is that both the Propel and Volt models stick pretty far below the bottom of the boat when in position. You will loose some of the shallow water ability with the motor or prop in the water. That is not all bad because for the times you want to fish really skinny water you can use the paddle. I think they are a great design and would work in a lot of different fishing venues.

    You can easily remove the Propel system if you want to lighten the boat for loading. The Ultimate 14.5 only weighs 68lbs so that shouldn't be that hard to load.


    Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Propel

    Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Volt

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    tiger2: I agree with Frank, I like this design much better than the Hobie Proangler primarily due to the massive reduction in weight. The 12 ft model weighs 55 lbs and the 14.5 ft model weighs 65 lbs, I think that would be much easier to load/unload.


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    I have a Native Marvel 12 and although I havenít fly fished from it, I have bait fished from it and i absolutely love it.

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