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    Default Net 2.0, My second landing net

    I've recently finished the bent wood frame for a new landing net, designed to fit a 39" circumference "Ghost" Net from Brodin. I replaced mine because I wanted a larger net and material that would not snag my flies. I often fish two flies and with older netting you are almost guaranteed to snag.

    I would describe myself as an advanced intermediate woodworker, though I have been at it for over 30 years. I am just not interested in precision work. (Built tables, but not chairs)

    I found this site VERY helpful in the process.
    Custom Fly Fishing Landing Net Construction - "How to build a custom wood fly fishing landing net"

    Most of the time went into research and building the gluing frame. Once that was done, the rest was pretty straightforward and enjoyable. To simplify the process I chose to use ash, which, when ripped to about 3/32" on the table saw was thin enough to cold bend. I think I used 5 layers in the hoop.

    Doubt I will ever use the gluing frame again so if someone else wants to try this I can lend the frame if you cover the shipping.

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    Default Re: Net 2.0, My second landing net

    threeweight: That sounds like a great project and the Ghost net will make your life so much nicer, you will love the new material. I switched over a couple years ago and have found the new rubber net material is just wonderful, no more nasty snags.

    If you have a digital camera I sure would like to see how your frame came out. Posting a photo on a thread takes a little effort but not too bad. The issue is that they do not allow uploading a photo directly from you computer to a thread. First you need to create a gallery/album and then upload the photo to the gallery/album and then link that to the thread. Here is the full FAQ that describes the procedure in better detail:
    The North American Fly Fishing Forum - FAQ


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    Default Re: Net 2.0, My second landing net


    That really does sound like a great project. I've been wanting to purchase a ghost or other rubber landing net for a while. As you mentioned I often fish multi-fly rigs and hate the inevitable nasty snags you get with nylon mesh.

    Pictures would be great too.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Net 2.0, My second landing net

    Threeweight thanks for posting those linkand echo Larry-- I'm sure there's a bunch of us that would like to see pics of your new net. Congrats!

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    Default Re: Net 2.0, My second landing net

    I certainly intend to post images when the final touches are done. Am waiting for a friend to execute the logo. It's not like I'm losing any fish in the meantime.

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