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  1. Default Redington CPX Zip-Front Waders?

    Has anyone here had experience with the new zip-front waders from Redington?

    They are less than 1/2 the price of the Simms G4Z (and yes, I know about the new Simms Freestone zip fronts, but they don't have a size in those that will fit me, being chest/gut gifted and inseam challenged).

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    Default Re: Redington CPX Zip-Front Waders?

    Hi michaeln,

    I just got off the phone with Todd at ReelFlyRod and he has been selling the CPX waders since last year. We now have them listed in the NAFFF Tackle Store for your convenience. Todd thinks they are a great wader and has sold a bunch of them with no problems reported to him. The price is outstanding for waders with these features and come with free shipping. The zipper is made by Riri who is well know in the clothing industry.

    I have not used them but if Todd thinks they are a very good Wader that is good enough for me. Any zipper Wader for less than $300 is a heck of a buy.



    * Available in Long or King sizes (Medium and Large) for an additional $20.00

    Waterproof, durable, functional. Our new CPX waterproof, breathable waders are the newest addition to our tested, functional wading line.

    There are a few technical features related to the CPX Zip-Front Wader that are worth more than just a mention. First, of course, is the RiRi brand zipper that has been tested and proven in the dry suit industry, and with the use of thermoplastics, has proven time and time again to be an air, gas and water-tight solution. This is a signature feature and allows Redington to incorporate the convenience of a zipper-front into a wader that otherwise offers all of the quality and value that anglers expect from Redington products.


    * Upper body is made from high density 4 layer RedStorm Waterproof Breathable fabric

    * Lower leg is reinforced with high density 5 layer RedStorm Waterproof Breathable fabric

    * Articulated knees

    * 2 seamless stretch fabric front pockets

    * 2 oversized handwarmer/storage pockets, both with YKK zippers

    * 2 chest Accessory tabs

    * Built-in gravel guards with elasticized bottom and lace hook retainer

    * Ergonomic neoprene booties with extra durable high density sole

    * Triangular detachable shoulder strap adjusters allow for waist high conversion

    * 3 in Belt included

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    Default Re: Redington CPX Zip-Front Waders?

    A acquaintance of mine in the industry has been using the CPX zip waders since day one. He has well over 100 fishing days in them, and they are working well. The real test is to see what's going to happen over the next 100 fishing days.

    I would highly recommend them to the weekend warrior type fly fisher who wants good value in a wader.


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    Thanks guys! Even at $299 they may be cheap compared to Simms (what isn't?), but they aren't cheap compared to other waders.

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