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View Poll Results: Do you prefer the Vest to transport necessities or a Chest/Backpack

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  • Chestpack

    52 35.14%
  • Vest

    73 49.32%
  • Neither

    24 16.22%
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Thread: Vest or Chest.....

  1. Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    I prefer the Vest.

    When I was in the Army, I used a vest a lot to carry some of most wanted equipment. Can't do without water and rounds.

    So now I wear a vest, its like second nature.

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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    I have used both, and found both to work quite well for me. The vest holds the most and is comfortable when 75 degrees or less outside. The chest pack (wj gear bag chest) holds almost as much, works well with a hydration bladder in the back, and is a little cooler. Chest pack also works best for staying dry when wading real deep. (not recommended in moving water)

    I now mostly just use a fanny pack because its cooler still, and a little more convenient over all. Mine has two water bottle pockets, a large main compartment, and a smaller one with slots for files and tippet spools and such. It also can be used as a chest pack with a neck strap added on.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Big Cliff,
    Which brand and/or version of fanny pack do you own?
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    I've never found anything I like better than a vest. That doesn't mean I wear it all the time but it will be close. I like the orvis tackle l pac. It holds more than anything I have seen.

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    Question Re: Vest or Chest.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Aztec Angler View Post

    I'm almost due a new vest. When I get one, it will be the new William Joseph vest. That thing is super nice.
    Which new William Joseph vest are you referring to? I'm seriously considering the WJ Fusion, and would as a new member appreciate any opinions, feedback, etc. that you and others have on what seems to be a very innovative vest - even now, several years after its introduction. Most of my flyfishing is Rocky Mountain - streams, rivers and small lakes, occasionally in a float tube but mostly wading.

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    It is way better to be naked while fishing!
    And yes I know- there is no where to put the hooks, maybe you coudl wear a belt

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    I primarily freshwater fish, and use my old vest probably out of habit more than anything else. It fits well and serves the purpose, so I suppose that's all I can ask for.

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    i got a guide series vest. so far it hold alot of sruff and i still have more pockets. it was 20 bux and gander mountain. works good so far. never tried a pack tho
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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    I tried a Chest pack but had trouble wading due to my 40" waist & the fact I couldn'd see my feet..Back to the old vest....... Maybe I just overstuffed the chest pack because I fit Most of what was in my vest in it because I had trouble leaving anything behind.

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    I use a "regular" vest much of the time. However, in warm weather I use the Orvis fully loaded chest pack. The chest pack is easier on the shoulders, better on longer hikes into the fishing area, and COOLER. The pack actually holds more supplies. When the temperature drops out comes the vest.

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