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View Poll Results: Do you prefer the Vest to transport necessities or a Chest/Backpack

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  • Chestpack

    52 35.14%
  • Vest

    73 49.32%
  • Neither

    24 16.22%
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  1. Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    Have been using a chestpack cause I haven't found a vest that I like the fit. The pack holds all I have needed so far including water for drinking, I can turn it around like a backpack or like a fanny pack. SO Far SO Good.

  2. Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    If I'm going on a big trip and I don't know what flies and other equip will be neccessary, I'll take the vest, fully loaded.

    If it is a normal fishing day around town I have recently moved to an Orvis "Lumbar" or "Fanny" pack which has the two drink holders and two big pockets, one of which is subdivided and also has a soft sunglasses pocket in it.

    The bottle holders carry my water and/or beer. The front pocket contains a blue 6X5" lightweight Morell fly box which is absolutely stuffed with current locally effective flies, and 3 sizes of tippet. The larger pocket holds indicators, a couple spare leaders, split-shot etc., and usually a snack and my sunglasses. My forcepts are clamped on the front and a nipper is attached to a Simms retractor on the front. This is my "what the heck else do ya need" set-up.

    I'm beginning to think that the lumbar pack PLUS a lanyard will be just perfect.

  3. Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    I recently got the Orvis lightweight safe passage complete chest pack and I think it's great. I don't like carrying the kitchen sink with me while I'm out on the water so it works great. The only thing I haven't been a fan of is the water bottle holders. They seem a bit small for the bottles I like to use. I always tend to try and use every pocket available if I'm wearing a vest, so the chest pack helps me keep things to a comfortable minimum.
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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    A vest or pack seems to get in the way with a stripping basket i use a small gear bag with a shoulder strap and leave it on the beach while im fishing. I dont carry much fly box, hemostats, clippers, and a few spools of leader material. maybe 2 pints of water and lotsa chocolate bars.

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    I was in the market for a new vest/chest pack and thought I was set on one of the Fishpond chestpacks. I went to my local fly fishing outfit and just didn't like it. They had a Cloudveil Cutbank vest, which I tried on and knew it was the one. It's lightweight, enough pockets for what I need and doesn't get in the way of my cast.

    Highly recommend.

  6. Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    being a newbie I'll first have to collect enough stuff to need a vest or pack first ;-)

    I was wondering if anyone has experience using a camelback in that I can put in the backbone of the carrying frame of my backpack as a portable water supply(3 liters), I have one for my mountain trips and absolutely love it but I could imagine that it might somehow be in the way of the casting move.

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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    I can't speak for stand-alone backpacks, although I know there are fly-fishing combination backpacks/chest packs and vests that incorporate bladder-type hydration systems. I can vouch for widespread incorporation of these bladder-type hydration systems in fishing vests and chestpacks; I have several of each, and it's a requirement of mine that any fly-fishing vest or chest pack I buy have built-in provision for a water bladder. Usually you have to buy the water bladders separately.
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    Default Re: Vest or Chest.....

    Either wading or floating in my drift boat I've always used a vest.
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    It's a no-brainer for me... vest every time except for a small pack I use for fishing the pond out back.
    This boy is a klutz with pitiful balance who also fishes a lot of pocketwaters and boulder fields. If I can't see my feet or where they are going to step then there is a very strong risk for me of, in the best case getting wet, the worst case becoming buzzard bait. Most chestpacks prevent seeing where my next step will be. Not worth the risk at all.
    Honestly, I can't think of an upside to packs except they're quite trendy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outdoorarki View Post
    Right now I have a vest I fish with. But with as hot is it is right now I am thinking of a chest pack.
    I have a sling pack I got from Orvis a while back.. love it.. hold a lot of gear..comfortable to wear.. is out of the way.. this is the PACK I am referring to..


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