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    Can you tell me about the Scientific Angler fly lines that are sold at Walmart for $19.95? Are they good lines? I thought Scientific Angler made all good stuff. Why is it so inexpensive?


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    I would guess it was an "air-cel" line. Likely a mint green color too. SA makes cheap stuff because wal-mart sells cheap stuff. I have used an air-cel and would never again. It cast poorly and held every little ripple that was put into it.

    That one was a DT-6-F and I'll ship it to you for $10 (shipping included) if you want. I fished it twice. Let me know if you're interested, but I can't give it an honest recommendation.

    If you want a good SA line for non-delicate presentations that happens to be fairly cheap too, get the "Headstart". Its part of the Mastery series, has that great AST coating, and goes for $35. I said "non-delicate presentations" because it is basically tapered like a Bass Bug line, but they make it all the way down to a four. You can always lengthen your leader to fish delicately for trout, but this thing will kick poppers over better than a trout line would.

    The thing is on the heavy side, so you might not like it on a glass, cane, or slow rod.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    This line is a WF-6-F. The color is yellow. Actually, the regular retail was $19.95 and my Walmart has a few on clearance and marked down to $7.00. That includes the fly line, backing and one leader. What do you think?


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