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Thread: Just a day pack!?

  1. Default Just a day pack!?

    What do you guys think about ONLY carrying a day pack no chest pack? I have been looking at the simms day pack and i really like it! My trips when involve hiking a lunch and possible a few other items! Back to the question would i be able to function with just a back pack i wouldnt wade much (just hip boots). Do any of you guys only carry a day pack? Thanks for all comments and advice!

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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    I moved from a vest to a sling pack, and am very pleased. It doesn't balloon like a vest when you are climbing around boulders, etc. Never worn a chest pack so can't relate. If your plan was to carry your gear in a back pack I would think that would be a pain since it would have to come off each time you change your rig. Like to know what works for you.

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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    I have a Filson strap vest / pack made from the wax cotton. Nice size pack on back and plenty of spots for organization of small items on the front sections. Been using it since 97 or there abouts and have no problems with comfort. Here is a link to one, Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest | Filson They make one from untreated material also that is more affordable also.


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    I sometimes only take a small backpack. Never had a chest pack.
    I sometimes just sling an Articreel over my shoulder. It holds one big fly box and other stuff. A zinger with nippers pinned to the strap. Forceps clamped to it.
    A backpack is nice for long wades for carrying lunch, snacks, jacket, first aid kit or whatever. Backpack with a jacket in it is a good idea in some of my favorite places where the weather can change quick.

    Because I've always been such a gear head, it is nice to go light. Just a fly box, nippers, tippet, net and forceps. Sometimes when I get out on the water, I feel silly because I'm packing so much stuff in a big vest.

    I have been thinking about trying a lanyard. I'm thinking about making one if I can settle on the design and materials I want to use. I want elk teeth and Indian trade beads on mine. I have seen some quick detach swivel snaps that I was thinking of using on it.

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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    I use an old hunting back pack that has a bunch of pockets works just fine, for everythign I need. And the straps across the front that buckle help distribute the weight. I would definitely suggest it. My casting isn't affected to much And i do not like have somthing across my chest.

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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    I use a 'Watermark' 'lumbar bag,' Fanny Pack if you will when I need to carry extra gear (not all that often). Very wide/padded belting ..... but like anything, you can really load the thing up with far more than you really need on the river.
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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    A couple of time a year my buddy and I will take a death march on a certain remote beach. 15 miles of nothing but surf, sun and sand (not that we've ever walked the full distance )
    Lots of drinking water is required, so I wear a lanyard, tuck some things in pockets and carry a daypack instead of wearing a vest.

    That daypack is heavy and there's a tendency to put it down somewhere while you fish.
    You'll be working your way down, fishing the shoreline when it hits you. There's the pack, a 1/4 mile back up the beach. And so you go trudging back through the soft sand to retrieve it.
    Cursing yourself the whole way
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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    In addition to a chest or lumbar pack, sometimes I sometimes carry a portage pack.
    Waterproof roll down top, and backpack straps.
    I often need to carry stuff for three clients, coats, waters, lunches, an extra rod, etc...
    NRS makes two sizes I believe. The smaller one would be perfect for solo fishing.
    No need to lay it down, wade deep!

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    Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    I use the FishPond Tundra pack with the chest pack. The chest pack comes off and attaches to the back of the pack so you don't have to hike in it or fish with it if you don't want to. It's fairly large and can handle lunch, a jacket and a few extra supplies you may want/need. I posted a review of it in the gear forum. I really like it. The chest pack is a bit small but I've gotten more used to it and know it's limitations on flyboxes. I would highly recommend it.

    Here is the link to the review: Fishpond Tundra Tech Pack

    Hope this helps...
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  10. Default Re: Just a day pack!?

    Wow thanks guys for the input!

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