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    Hello all, need some help. I was looking at my herters magazine, very old. And in it i found a device that I was interested in using. Its a wing maker,,a device that using 2 guills ( a matched set ) now this device uses two combs for either side and makes a perfect set of wings up to 12 to 14 sets depends on the size. Which i m told are 2 sizes of wings 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch, I may have that wrong. The information i have is sketchy at best. I was wondering if there were any fly tyers out there that may have one of these devices not to purchase but to copy and make my own. Please contact me at this address thanks

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    One suggestion would be to check out ebay searching for herter.

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    Someone was asking about this same gadget not too long ago. They had one and were looking for the instructions.
    As I remember, they were not successful.
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    I knew that there had been a post about this and Paul has got me off my butt to search for it. Here is the thread link; Need some help you should contact this member and get together on this.


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