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Thread: vest or packs

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    Default vest or packs

    Hi, i'm new to the forum. I was wondering wich is most used by fly fishermen, the fly vest or the chest packs. I have both, what are the pros and cons about each.what do you all use.

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    Default Re: vest or packs

    I usually use a vest, especially when I'm after trout. I usually carry 3-4 boxes with me, so I need the space.

    I save my pack for smallies or bluegill as the amount of flies I need is smaller. I just transfer things that I use for both from one to another when I need to.
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    I use an Orvis pack, but thinking about getting a vest to try it out. The Orvis pack is a little too bulky in front and interferes with stripping in line. Last time out I used a lanyard and backpack and a couple small boxes in my jacket pocket, and it worked much better for casting and working the line. But when I needed a fly that wasn't in one of my small boxes, it was inconvenient to remove the backpack and put it back on.

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    I haven't used a pack all that much, but I like my vest. It doesn't seem to get in my way at all and I know exactly where everything is all the time.

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    I use a vest as it holds all the gear I need, lunch, some water and stays out of my way... thought about getting a fishpond lumbar pack, but for the price, I could get two more vests.

    - Justin

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    Default Re: vest or packs

    I have been using the Fishpond Guide Pack since Christmas and while it is comfortable and has a lot of room I am still thinking about picking up a vest to try. Problem with the pack is I have yet to find a way that I like to carry my net. Problem would be solved with the D ring on the back of a vest. I think I will pick up a Filson Strap Vest soon.

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    Default Re: vest or packs

    Good thread . . .

    I've used 'em all - vests, chest packs, sling packs, belts with fanny packs, etc. - but for me, the vest still does it all better. First, it holds more in a more comfortable, more accessible manner, and it doesn't interfere with seeing where you place your feet when wading nor interfere with casting as seems to happen with chest packs.
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    Default Re: vest or packs

    lately i use a chest pack (simms headwaters pack) sling style. I found the chest pack has plenty of room for fly boxes, leaders, tippet, splitshots, water proof camera, snacks, chew, and store size water bottle. There is still some room left. i have chosen this cause the pack can be pushed behind me. i also have a vest. its the patagonia vest back pack combo. it was way cheaper than others i looked at. the back of the vest can be taken apart and a back pack attached to it. its nice for traveling long distances. when i trout fish i can carry a 7wt and reel for summer steelhead i come across. i have always found that if i needed a vest than i just attach the back pack.

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    I think for the prices a so called "good" pack/vest fetch they are both ridiculous. I know that the are essential if you want to look the part, but I don't care who you are, they don't help you catch fish. O.K. maybe a vest that holds a couple of fly boxes and a pair of hemos would be nice if you don't have adequate pocket space in your waders/shirt pockets. I was in the infantry where the arrangement of gear was not just a matter of convienence or appearance but of survival. My experiences have told me that less is more, a.k.a. keep things simple. In my opinion spending more than $50-$60 on a vest/pack is just absurd. Please forgive me because I am not trying to offend anyone, but I have looked around and if you can't find one in that price range that meets your needs then you have taken a big ol' gulp of the kool-aid and came back for seconds. Commercialism is ruining fishing by making it harder for the average person to afford. If you really want to benefit the sport take the other $100-$200 you were going to spend and give it to Trout Unlimited or some other consevation agency.

    These are just my opinions, so each to their own.

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    Default Re: vest or packs

    Quote Originally Posted by hunter1 View Post
    Hi, i'm new to the forum. I was wondering wich is most used by fly fishermen, the fly vest or the chest packs. I have both, what are the pros and cons about each.what do you all use.

    I have both types but find I use a chestpack more often than a vest, simply because it rides higher and I often wade in deeper water areas, where a vest can always get wet (even the shorty vests). I can easily fit flies, leaders, tippet, tools, sunglasses, etc. into a small chest pack. Since I do not carry many fly boxes (one big one and sometime one small one) I usually do not need all the space of a vest. I just hang my net off the back of the neckstrap, this helps balance the chestpack and helps you avoid a stiff neck.

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