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Thread: flaot tubes

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    Default flaot tubes

    looking for the best float tube for someone who never fished out of one,,,, but I'm looking for one that is fly cast friendly, (a friend said some have stuff in the way where your elbow is trying to cast) and I want to hike in with it so something that has shoulder straps or is designed to carry a mile through the woods would be great.

    thanks Ted

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    Default Re: flaot tubes

    Check out the Outcast float tubes. There are two series: Stillwater (Fat Cat and Super Fat Cat), Fish Cat (Fish Cat 4, Fish Cat 4 DLX). These models can be hiked in. Optional backpack straps are available. They are casting friendly. You can get all the information by clicking here.


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    Default Re: float tubes

    thanks for that link,,,, do you know if those tubes have different chambers or sections inside incase I punctured one I wouldn't sink right there?

    friend told me to make sure whatever tube I get has that especially if I'm hiking in,, those look pretty cool though I like the 2nd one or the first one with the pointed backs.

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