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    I am trying to decide between Cortland's "555 High Floating Dyna-Tip WF-5F" and Scientific Angler's "Mastery GPX Taper WF-5F". What type of WF5-F do you or would you use?

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    I have heard great things here recently about that cortland line, and great things about that SA line for years. Either one will serve you well, but the GPX is a little heavier, and thus will put a little more bend in your rod. This could makle it a little easier to cast at short distances, but also could widen your loops slightly.

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    I am an Orvis girl (for odvious reasons), but SA would be my second choise. Plus I hear good things about AIRFLOW. That is floating line. Cortland has the best intermediate and of course SYLK.

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    I have used both of those lines and must say that the Dyna-tip is hands down the better line. MUCH higher floating. The SA line tends to tip sink bad. My dyna tip does not have even a slight tip sink on it. THe Dyna is much slicker and stays that way when wet. The Dyna tip also recovers much faster when you swamp the line in heavy water where it drags it under. It will come back to the surface much quicker. I have also had much less problem with rooster tail sprays from the DT as well.
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