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Thread: lense color

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    Default lense color

    iv been big on gunglasses for some time now only buying polarized lenses from Von Zipper, Dragon Optical, Anarchy and Hobie but im ready to take the next step into some Smith Backdrops with the Techlite polarchromic Polarized Glass lenses. These will serve as my every day AND fishing glasses. I fish mostly rivers and streams any time of day. Smith offers many color options but im not sure which color to go with because im not sure what each color is used for. The lense color options are Ignitor, Copper, Copper mirror and Amber. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: lense color

    I have two pair of Smith's in amber and really like that color.

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    copper:high contrast lens...recommended for sight fishing.
    amber:all around tint for fishing
    can't tell you anything for ignitor...if it's yellow it's for low light conditions
    a friend of mine got glasses with changeable lenses with different colors.

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    I've got a pair of Smith's in copper and they work really well for spotting fish. Don't know if I'd wear them every where...I like grey for an all around color as it doesn't change the colors you see through them where as the copper does.

    Hope this helps.

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    I had green mirrored costa's, when they got broke I had them put the smoked colored lenses in them. Didn't want anything reflective fishing small water. The fish might see themselves.

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    i have smiths with the gray lenses and the work great.



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    Default Re: lense color

    I often refer to this page on lens colors. It is from Smith Optics, but the concepts can be used for other brands.


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    Get two pairs: Photo Copper for contrasty sight fishing in sunlight and amber for overcast, morning or evening angling. Both are comforatble for driving, etc. too. Smith is a great company and thier low distortion 6 - 8 base wrap lenses are where it is at. Once you fish with glass lenses and experince the superior visual acuity you'll never go back to CR or Poly plastics.

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    I have had the Smith Backdrop in Copper Polar Chromatic TL for over a year now and if they broke I would simply buy another pair. I like them that much.

    I use them for all fishing conditions and everyday wear. One thing I like about the copper is its light transparency is slightly higher than your average sunglasses meaning they let more light through than normal. Not too much, but just a little less than average. This help a lot in lower light conditions. I can wear mine on the water until just before dark.

    You will NOT regret that purchase!


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    thank you all for the help. i ordered the Backdrops in the mahogany with copper polarchromic lenses. now the only thing im not 100% sure on is the Mahogany color frame. they should be here tomorrow, and im excited.

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