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  1. Default Re: What's on your lanyard?

    i need to make better connections... need any free.... um.... asphalt?

    anyway, i think i'm leaning toward this design:
    since I tie my own leaders i carry lots'o'spools.

    I'm thinking, nail knot tool, nipper, forcepts, line straightener... multi-tool in one pocket and a flybox in my shirt pocket.

    what couldn't you live without?
    May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing

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    Default Re: What's on your lanyard?

    Interesting old thread to "bump".

    On my lanyard I carry, nippers, floatant, fly blotter(samadou), tippet(3), very small fly patch, glasses rag, and a whistle in case of trouble.
    Since I am usually in or close to the boat, this set-up works well for me.

    If I'm on foot and walking then I usually wear my vest.

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