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    Default Looking For a camera

    I have a relatively low budget, as in I would like to spend as very little as possible to get a camera that takes a relatively decent picture.

    My Main choice righ tnow is the Fujifilm XP 20 or 30 if best buy can keep them on sale for long enough for me to save enough money.

    Can you guys think of any better options for in that price range. I would SERIOUSLY not like to spend any more than those two cameras were going to cost.


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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    Any of THESE.

    Seriously, any of them. You just can't beat canon when looking for an inexpensive point and shoot.

    I had an A610 (AA batteries, 6 megapixel) that I would still be happily using had I not drug it through a river. The 6 megapixels gave up great pictures.

    Given a choice I will always choose an AA battery model cuz I can just carry extra batteries in my pack, I can't plug a camera into a tree to recharge.

    Wanna save money? buy one of those A800s and just call it done.

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    Olympus Stylus Tough 3000. Fairly water and shock resistant, decent pix quality for around $110. Only other thing you would need is an SD/SDHC memory card.

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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    I recently lost my camera of a few years to the river. I'm looking at the XP30 as well. Have the funds put aside in a couple of weeks and will make my purchase then. It's hard to choose with so many options out there. Good luck in your search!!
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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    I'll admit I'm no camera buff, matter of fact I'm alway surprised when I take a decent picture, even with a digital. However, I and several others on the forum have Pentax W80's and I really like mine. I got mine off of Ebay new fairly cheap, I don't know if the ones you are looking at are better or not though the price looks pretty good. I've been very pleased with all the fishing pictures I've taken with it. However, this past Father's day I used it to take a couple pictures of my son and daughter that didn't turn out as good as my fishing pics for some reason - it probably had something to do with my poor photography skills.
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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    Get a cheap one now if you must, but save your pennies and get a decent waterproof. I have an pentex optio w80, got is on sale for $229, takes great pictures above and under water and this is what I carry. The little point and shoots are also fine, just don't get em too wet, and make sure you don't leave em in a damp set of waders pocket. They can fail from moisture around them as well as from getting dunked.


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    I'm another happy Optio W80 owner, but if you are on a tight budget that Fuji XP looks like it would fit the bill nicely. I've also heard good things about the Oly Tough 3000 from a friend who has one. Waterproof is the only way to go for fishing, unless you are going to be extremely careful with a non-WP camera, and even then it's a risk.
    This is a good place to get some ideas, but do you own homework too. Google a few camera reviews on different models and check out what features of each will work best for your needs.

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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    Thanks for the quick response guys, Im going to start shopping and comparing, and when the funds are there, pull the trigger.

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    I've been looking for a waterproof point and shoot as well. After looking at the selections available (many are close to $300!!!), I think I'm just going to buy a compact HD camcorder.

    For about $100 to $160, you can get a Kodak Playsport, Toshiba Camileo or Samsung W200. I think they're all 1080 HD.

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    Default Re: Looking For a camera

    I use an older Olympus Stylus 850 SW. It's a great little camera and takes good pics both above and underwater (it's not a deep water camera, but it's good for a couple of feet down).

    Ebay has them in the $100-$150 range:

    olympus stylus 850 sw | eBay


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