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    Default Filson Strap Vest?

    I've really been considering buying a chest pack, but all the ones I've liked have been more than I'm willing to pay for them. Recently though for about half of full retail I've gotten a chance to buy a Filson Strap Vest from a club member (not foul weather model). They seem like a good compromise between a full vest and a chest pack. I like my vests, but sometimes I feel overloaded. I think I could still use my water blader with the filson even though is not "made for it?"

    Those that are familliar with the Filson strap vests what do you all think?
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: Filson Strap Vest?

    For what it's worth, I love mine for atlantic salmon fishing. I fit 4 large Wheatleys in it, a couple spools of tippet, a batch of leaders, some bug spray and sunblock. I clip a zinger with a clipper to one suspender, and clamp a pair of hemostats on the other, and away I go. I have a light rain jacket that i put in the pouch in the back. Love it, nice and light, and very comfortable. I have it on in my avatar. I have since taken the wool fly patch off.

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    Default Re: Filson Strap Vest?

    I've been using the waxed cotton one since the late 90's. Here and everywhere else it has been my warm weather way to carry some stuff. The pack and pouch on the back is handy. I don't like it over a jacket though, the shoulder straps seem to encourage a jacket to leak where the straps are pressing on it. This may not be a problem for some because my jackets are old Lewis Creek & Filson wax finish fishing coats.

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    Default Re: Filson Strap Vest?

    Love mine only vest I have had for about 10 years now sun faded looks better all the time R Reese

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