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    Default Tubing at the lake.

    I finally had the time to go get my fishcat wet and I really liked it. I do have some questions about a couple of things I noticed.

    The storage area in the back gets flooded due to the little wholes it has on the bottom, is there a reason for those or can I cover them to keep my stuff dry? I also noticed they sell the inflatable seat on line, do you guys think that would fit my fishcat 4? I mean the foam is fine but I did notice it slides to the back.

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    Default Re: Tubing at the lake.

    Yes the air seat will fit your FC4. The only difference between the FC4 and the FC4 Deluxe is the air seat and color. So basicaly you are upgrading to a deluxe.

    I don't have a FC4 but I've heard about the water getting in the front. My guess is the holes are there so it doesn't retain water. The area was never really designed for a storage area but that's what people use it for. I'm surprised no one has made a water proof storage bag to sell that fit that triangular area.

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    Default Re: Tubing at the lake.

    I called Outcast co. and they said it was not the wholes but he material they use. It does take water from the front when you kick, it's not perfect but I did like it. I mean, it's an upgrade from a U shaped tube. I bought a dry bag form wally's ($5) and that might take care of the problem.

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    Default Re: Tubing at the lake.

    I went to Walmart and bought water proof boxes and bags for my stuff. I have a Caddis and it was pretty good at keeping things dry, but why take the risk?

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