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Thread: Orvis Waders

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    Default Orvis Waders

    Has anyone had any experience with the Orivs Silver Label Classic Chest Waders?

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    Default Re: Orvis Waders

    I have a pair that has lasted for years. The guys in the Orvis shop in Manchester convinced me to buy them over the expensive jobs (I don't think any of them work there anymore, lol).

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    Default Re: Orvis Waders

    Can't say much on the chest high waders but I own a pair of the Silver Label wading pants and think they are great. Assuming the only difference is the material from the waist up I'd recommend them for sure!!
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    I had an older pair of Silver Labels that held up pretty well. If you are thinking lightweight you should definately consider the Sonic Seams. I picked up a pair for warmer weather fishing and they're great. Very lightweight but durable material and they really pack down well. The only knock I have with them is the suspenders. They were horrible and way too tight. This was quickly remedied by using the suspenders from my Pro Guides. If you haven't picked something up yet and happen to go with these, I would recommend picking up a replacement set of suspenders.
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