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    In march i purchased a pair of Frogg Togg Auraua Wading boots and wore them two months before they started coming apart at the seams on the toe well i called them and Cabelas.Cabelas replaced the boots since i bought them from them but Frogg Togg never returned my call. Ann my gf bought a pair of Frogg Togg Hellbender waders and wore them 4 times and they leaked in the seams on the insde thigh so she got the same results i did out of both companies.It has been 2 months since i got me new pair of wading boots and they are coming apart again so i called Cabelas and told them and told them i did not want them to replace them just wanted them to know the poor quality of the boots that i would not be buying any more Frogg Toggs but would when i finished wearing these out buy something else thay have. The waders have noy leaked on Ann again but then she has not been in deep water with them again will let you know more on that later..One more note when Ann called Frogg Togg the customer rep was rude about the waders but Cabelas was stand up about it..I have no plans on ever owning Frogg Togg again..

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    Thanks for the heads up!!
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    Never owned any Frogg Togg gear but have had excellent customer service from Cabela's. Had to return wader boots because they were coming apart at the seams. No problem, replaced them. Happened again with a new pair in a month. No problem, gave me a gift card and I purchased a pair of Simms Rivershed and am very happy with them. (About twice the price of the original ones) but you get what you pay for. Sorry you had some bad experiences with FT.
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    I have the same boots and waders and I haven't had any problems with them. I've had mine for a year now.

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    I actually picked up a pair of these as a backup when my Simms were getting repaired. If you have a Gander Mountain local to you, they will actually allow you put a warranty on them that offers free replacement "for any reason". Seeing as I frequently find myself stepping into barbed wire, it's a nice incentive. I've actually liked the waders more than my Simms. I too ended up with one little pinhole leak on the inside seam though. Those are easily patched, so I'm not overly concerned about it yet.

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