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    Hey all, new to the forum and in my first season of fly fishing. When I got my gear together this spring I sprung for some cheep stuff, not my rod and reel but I decided to go with a 25$ pair of wet wading close toed sandals. With a pair of old surfing booties I was able to have great wet wading days and could even throw them on with waders. Main issues being no ankle support, holes so pebbles get in and now that it is sept I can really start to feel the cold. Looking for a good pair of boots, not felt as my local rivers are in prosses of banning it. I really like the Teva riverwalkers i think, but thats more about look. Also my feet already kill after an all day trip so any advice on staying comfy would be great. Also anyone have a favorite company for warm sox and maybe base layers. Thank you, I just started but already love the forum!

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    Teva Riverwalkers? How about Patagonia Riverwalkers?

    Comfort is based on fit, so go try on some boots. With that said, the Patagonia Riverwalkers are the most comfortable boots that I have owned. They are light and wider than most boots on the market. It has enough support, but it doesn't feel binding. I cannot comment on the quality of grip since I have not used them. I am still in felt.

    For socks, I am partial to the merino wool socks. Smartwool is my favorite, but Thorlo and Wigwam have them, too. For extra comfort, wear a polypropylene sock between your main sock and your foot to provide extra moisture wicking. That will keep your feet dryer.

    If you understand the concepts of layering, spend the money on quality layering. I am partial to Patagonia Capilene.


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