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  1. Default Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    Right now on

    Any other suggestions? Sites?

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    Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    BPS has them. I buy a knock off version at the local army surplus for about half what Buf retails. Maybe check CondorTactical. I believe they call them multi-wraps.
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  3. Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    Didnt even think of BPS. Ordered the LMB version of the UVBuff.

    I didnt like the selection of gloves so I will keep looking around.

    Its going to be nice not having sweaty sunscreen drip into my eyes by the gallon!

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    Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    Buffs are excellent, particularly for the sunscreen reason but also for keeping the bugs out. AND they catch more fish, it's proven!

    I usually wear a Sitka Bandit, it's essentially a standard Buff but slightly thicker. Pricewise, it's comparable, but I like the added thickness at times (it blocks out the buzzing of flies and mosquitoes). Plus it runs double-duty in hunting season. Basically, it never leaves my car unless it's on my person.
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    Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    Tons of 'em on fleabay.

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    Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    Hi Vapor10, Give this link a check. Ben from the UK is doing some very smart ones at the mo!

    Trying to find a Modern Warfare 2 Ghost half mask is proving difficult though.

    If you know a source then please let me know?

    Best regards


    Buffs back in stock - Bob's Buff are Back! - Fly Fishing Forums

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    Default Re: Looking for a Buff and Gloves

    I like the original Buff.

    I don't know how many of the knockoffs have the uv protection and are seemless. I think I paid a little over $20 or so.
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