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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    Quote Originally Posted by vans View Post
    I think the Korkers with changeable soles is the way to go. Add in the BOA lace system and it is near perfect imo.

    Lots of sole options, boots are very easy to tighten up and getting out of the is a snap.

    Go try some on Ard, i think you would be hooked then and there.
    I will second this one.
    No problems with my Korkers Ard, I really like how I can change from walking/hiking to fishing. They are a light weight boot and dry fast which is important to me. I hate a heavy boot and one that is still wet the next day.
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    Default The Choice Has Been Made!

    After much procrastination and after reading every post on this thread, I tried on lots of boots and.....................................setteled on the Simms Rivershed Boot with rubber and the steel star cleats.

    All of the comments were great and I hope that those who don't use Simms don't feel that I shunned your advice regarding your favored brand. In the end I was down to comfort and price combining for the choice.

    Many thanks for all your help


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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    Excellent choice, Ard. I am newly-returning to flyfishing after a long layoff, and The Simms Riversheds were my choice as well. Great boot!
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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    I've heard great things about Simms from everyone who owns them.

    My opinion might not mean much since I'm very very new to fly fishing, but I did a good amount of stream fishing and I have been very pleased with the Patagonia felt studded boots.

    I'm going to be in the market for new boots because I want to transition away from felt bottoms. I'm kind of a Patagonia fan boy so I have never really said anything too negative about their products.

    I plan of getting these when they come out.

    Patagonia's New Aluminum Bar Wading Boots

    It is supposed to provide very good traction and has this model has been field tested and perfected over the last year.

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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    Congratulations Ard, based on personal experience I'm sure they will treat you well. More important, it sounds like you made the right choice based on your own experiences trying them on. Recommendations are great, but it all comes down to comfort and budget.

    Let us know what you think of them after you've given them a proper christening.
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  6. Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    My local shop just put there Korkers Redside boots on sale. I got them for $69 including the extra felt soles.

    I thought it was a great deal. What do you all think?


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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    I have the Korker's redsides. For $69 it is like a sore weiner ( a deal that can't be beat!)
    They are very comfortable and affordable. I use them almost every day during the warmer months and a bit less once it freezes up. I had the older Korker guide boots as well.

    The rubber soles are not very grippy. I have fallen a few times in these boots due to stepping onto just about anything slick. Bowling ball sized cobbles were the toughest to walk amongst. The felt would probably have better traction, but they track and transfer a lot of invasive species, so I have opted not to use them.
    Fell on my butt on a frost covered rock the other day and swore that I was going to get another pair of Frog Togg's with sticky rubber, or perhaps the patagucci model with sticky rubber. I would settle for a less comfortable boot with better rubber as a trade off at this point.

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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    I got my outfit waders and boots from Aquaz. They produce for high end name brand in the past and upped their quality to produce what I think is a wonderful product.

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    Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    I love my Simms boots and I can't say enough about their stellar customer service. Great choice!
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  10. Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

    Just an update. The shop I bought the Redsides at for 30% off now has dropped it to 50% off!! Gonna have to try to get a price adjustment. Korkers Redside for $50? Thats a deal if I ever seen one!


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