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Thread: Boot size

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    Default Boot size

    How to order wading boots. I wear a size 9 shoe. Do I order the same for wading boots?

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    Default Re: Boot size

    Simms claims to consider stocking foot and sock volume in its sizing. In most cases, ordering the same size is safe.

    Most other brands (Patagonia, Chota, Korkers) recommend going up one size.

    The best case scenario is to try before you buy because there are exceptions to the rule.


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    Default Re: Boot size

    Agreeing with MP that trying the boot on is best. Remember, these are the boots you plan to have on for hours at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoscaPescador View Post
    Simms claims to consider stocking foot and sock volume in its sizing. In most cases, ordering the same size is safe.
    I would not agree with Simms on this point.

    I wear size 13 street shoes. For the most part size 13 street shoes are just a bit loose on my feet (in other words, if the world made size 12-1/2 street shoes I would wear them). On the other hand, size 13 Simms G3 boots are extremely tight on my feet in the winter time when I wear heavy socks inside the stocking feet--so tight that I loose circulation in my toes. Size 14 Simms fit fine winter and summer.

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    I wear size 8 1/2 or 9 shoes (depending on brand), but I had to go to size 10 on my Simms Rivershed's to get a nice fit with 3mm neoprene G3 stocking foots.

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    Default Re: Boot size

    Hi seajay,

    Wading boots are very hard to pick with our trying them on with the heaviest sock and waders you will use. You don't want a boot that is too tight or your feet will be cold. This is really true with some of the synthetic leather boats that don't stretch with use.


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    Default Re: Boot size

    I wear size 9. And just bought Cloudveil 8x wading boots in size 9. Actually these boots are more like size 10.5...
    I think they considered neoprene booties when they designed the boots.

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