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Thread: optional wader boot/ on trail

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    Default optional wader boot/ on trail

    Hi yall, I have found my self in a bit of a situation. I have good in creek wader boots that grip well in the creek, but they are useless on a muddy path. I was wondering if there would be a down side you using a non wader army boot over my neoprene booties. and if that would hurt the wader. I am starting to get in to looking for salamanders and i need something that grips well both in and out of water.

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    Hi Mike,

    I have not used a boot as you describe but see no problem at all. I have often thought that a pair of Merrel hi top hikers in a size 15 would make a fine long distance wading boot and they are not as expensive as other options..........

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    I think it would work fine, maybe suggest wearing a heavy sock over the neoprene (Borgeresque) just for a bit of extra padding against wear.

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    In the past people have used jungle boots as wading boots
    They're even recommended as flats boots by Lefty in his 1974 book Fly Fishing in Salt Water
    They are "oversized", have very aggressive tread, have drainage holes and are made for wet conditions.
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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    i was thinking jungle boots, as I have some I use for wet wading. I like the idea of wearing a sock over the booties. the elcheapo high top hikers might be an option too. I dont want something so spoungy, some of these salamander ponds are muck, thanks

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    My muck boots for duck hunting are a pair of Redball pack boots cut down to about the same height as a wading boot. These were my son's so they're large enough for me to use over waders and they have a nubby traction sole. They work better than regular wader boots with studs. I punched a couple of extra holes for drainage.

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    There are strap-on cleats you can buy for that purpose. Can't remember who.
    If you search wading boots you will run across them.

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    I just bought my first set of high end waders and they needed boots so I got the korkers for this very reason. The soles that change out should be great.
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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    I use a set of neoprene booties with treads on the bottom that fasten with velcro over my wader booties when transporting my float tube to and from the lake. These seem to work pretty well and I have fished in them from shore when the fish are in tight. Not sure if these will work for your application, but thought I would throw it out there.

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    Default Re: optional wader boot/ on trail

    Quote Originally Posted by baseman1 View Post
    I just bought my first set of high end waders and they needed boots so I got the korkers for this very reason. The soles that change out should be great.
    If you pack in & want an all purpose boot the korkers might be the answer for you. Just carry the spare soles in your pack, switch & you can have a choice of felt, studed felt, rubber, or cleated rubber. I believe they also make the strap on studs that cockatouche mentioned..

    Sorry about the brief thread theft......
    Rip Tide I like the jungle boot idea for flats boots. I might give them a try because my neoprene, zip up the side pair are getting a little banged up. They only last so long & I think the jungle boots will last a lifetime if you rinse them off. The only metal visible on them is the brass eyelets. I just wonder if they have a steel shank. I had a pair of Chotas that I used in the salt & the shank corroded & weakened the sole attachment glue & when the sewed on portion around the sole wore enough the sole came off.
    the last time I wore jungle boots was in the 60's & early 70,s but I remember those as being plenty sturdy, but they were never in salt water.

    Ps I wonder if hi top Keds or Converse sneakers would work on the flats
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