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  1. Default Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    I'm looking for a vest that would be suitable for fishing in warmer cimates (the southeast, predominantly - I'm in NC).

    I already have a slew of waist and chest packs and, while I like them, I miss a vest. I am finding it hard to keep things organized with a pack.

    Obviously the trouble is that vests can be warm, and I fish in the South. I have been looking at some of the Patagonia (mesh master) and Simms (headwaters mesh) models that are mesh.

    Anyone have any recommendations or experience with any of these?

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    Take a look at the Filson Strap Vest, might as well have the best.

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    I don't know if the companies still carry them, but when I was a rep for Stream Designs and Sportline USA., they both made some very good mesh vests with cloth pockets.

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    I really like my patagonia riverwalker mesh vest.
    the vertical pockets are nice as is the padded neck.
    The mesh is very cool so it works well in warm weather.
    Its an older model, but they offer a similar model now
    called the "mesh master".
    Patagonia Mesh Master II Vest Alpha Green (Past Season)



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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    I have a Redington mesh vest . It is very comfortable in summer but the zippers are horrible so I don't recommend it. Only issue I have with mesh is when the cocklebur hatch occurs on my streams. I have to remove hundreds of them after a trip if I get adventurous in mesh or flannel shirts.

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    Ard has already said it. Foul Weather Fly Fishing Vest | Filson

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    *ack, choke* $230 for the Filson!

    $69 for the Orvis Mesh before other discounts: Best Fly Fishing Vest / Clearwater Mesh Vest -- Orvis

    That said, mesh vests IMO don't really ease the heat all that much. So when wearing a vest I simply use what I might any other time. Further, I actually like to store virtually all of my freshwater fly fishing gear sans obviously rods, reels, waders etc. right in the vest. In that way it stays organized, I never forget anything, and if I choose to lighten up I simply take out what I don't want and leave it to be instantly put back in when I return. In some cases I'll take it all, and at location take what I want out of the vest and put it in a sling pack, then return it all once back to the vehicle.

    So for me a gazillion pocket vest works great.....My current one outstanding, buuuuut, I may treat myself to a new one, and am thinking of the FroggToggs Hellbender, but with no back pocket for my net I have concerns (though there is nothing saying I can't sew one on).

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    While it doesnt have the pockets as the simms G3 guide vest, the simms mesh vest is much cooler to wear in the Oklahoma summer heat.

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    Default Re: Need a vest for fishing in warmer climates

    Quote Originally Posted by rockriver View Post

    I'll echo this, I used my Filson all the time in the summer.

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