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Thread: Waders Question

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    I've been using hip waders for awhile and I'm tired of not able to wade in higher water and my feet always being cold. I don't fish in the cold that much(maybe 4 times a year) so I don't want to spend that much. What are options around $100-150?

    I'd rather have neoprene stockingfoot w/ boots seperate but I'm open to options as I'm no expert. Thanks!

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    I started flyfishing in hip waders and was amazed how many times I'd go to deep and got wet. That lasted one season. For any moderately sized river there is no doubt chest waders rule. I started with Cabelas and they gave a good bang for the buck.....depending on your budget .....I'd check out the Redington Sonic Pro welded waders...the reviews for $250 waders are off the wall. as for Neoprene .....I've never owned anything but breathables. in hot weather Neoprenes make you wish you had breathable....but I fish really cold water in breathables... I just wear thermal long johns and warm socks.

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    sorry just realized you want to keep it at 100-150.....i'd say go to $150 and check out Cabelas at that range

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    We bought up 4 pair of Hodgman's 3 mm neoprene stocking foot waders a couple years ago on a closeout deal at Sportsman's Warehouse. I've been using them here in Alaska where the water is always cold and they are working fine. Look for a good deal on them and you'll score under 75.00 I hope.

    I have a pair of Simms breathable for warm days also but the cheap Hodgmans are my cold weather waders.


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    Talking Re: Waders Question

    You know what they say about hip waders ...
    They're just a way to measure how deep the water was when you got wet.

    A second on the Cabelas waders
    I've owned 6-7 different pairs of theirs over the years and I've never been disappointed
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    I second the Cabelas route. In the higher end of that range you can get some LLBEAN (plus they ship everything for free) or ORVIS waders. All of them would most likely be breathable and you can layer up under them in cold weather. From these retailers you get a guarantee if you're ever dissatisfied.

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    I don't fish that much so I don't want to spend a lot, just something functional. These any good?

    Field & Stream Angler Felt Sole Wading Shoe - Dick's Sporting Goods
    Field & Stream Sportsman Breathable Stockingfoot Wader - Dick's Sporting Goods

    also you guys would prefer breathable over neoprene even in the cold?

    EDIT: Looking at cabela's and I found these, thoughts?

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    Might consider the llbean version for $79 vs the other from dicks. I'm not certain what the dicks guarantee is, but I believe llbean's to be lifetime on their brand of products. So if they leak in a year, send em back. llbean ships for free. I've owned this very pair and they held up for a year.

    I've never used those brand of wading boots, they look okay. Reviews look good. Check if felt is okay to use in your state.

    And I've never used full neoprene waders. A buddy of mine has a pair from cabelas and he likes em fine in the cold. I prefer to control my layering (can shed them if the day gets warm), neoprene from what I've seen are pretty form fitting so don't offer a lot of room for layering...again that's my assumption.

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    For $79 llbean vs cabelas...i think you'd be getting the same level of quality and function except that the cabelas have the reinforced knee...which can come in handy. I'd go for these...same guarantee as llbean.

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    Default Re: Waders Question

    Bought a Snowbee Granite pair two years ago to fish in winter...good stuff...they're on sale

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    Default Re: Waders Question

    Frogg Toggs.....

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    I'm on my 3rd pair of Cabela's GII's-about $130- And they've worn pretty well. I fish and duck hunt in them. I buy them large to leave room for layering and they generally wear through the inseam from rubbing. I bought a set last year and they started leaking way too soon, I returned them and was told they were actually out of warranty, but they replaced them anyway. I may just go ahead and Aqua seal the inseams before I start wearing them.
    I've worn my 5mm neoprenes exactly once since I started wearing breathables: as back-ups when the breathables leaked.
    Breathables are warmer, more adjustable through layering and give more freedom of movement, IMO.

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