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  1. Default Fly Line with Sharkskin Technology

    Dear Fly Fishing Enthusiast

    We are excited to let SA insider members know about the new products we recently introduced at the Dealer show in Denver. The biggest news is our new fly line: The Ultimate Trout Taper with Sharkskin™ Technology. Sharkskin™ is the "buzz" of the industry. It has won and is sure to win many more "best of show" awards from various fly fishing media outlets. This new micro textured line gives you the ultimate casting experience with some great advantages in floatation and durability as well as other key properties. For a quick look read the technical bulletin.

    Other news includes the expansion of our Dry Tip Technology into all GPX, Trout, and XPS fly lines. We've also expanded our offering of streamlined loops to cover all the lines mentioned above as well as Headstart, Steelhead, Bass and Pike lines. Our Spey selection now includes a new Skagit Head – Single hand Skagit lines and Scandinavian style Spey lines.
    You are among the first to see this new exciting lineup. Check out all of the details at at 3M US: Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing: floating fly line, sinking fly line, fly reels, leaders and backing.

    Fly Fishing Tip

    One of the best ways to obtain a drag-free drift is to simply change your casting position. Often just a few feet will make the difference.

    Courtesy of Scientific Anglers

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    Default Re: Fly Line with Sharkskin Technology

    Hi to All,

    It seems that SA is not going to rest on it laurels. If this is as good as they say I would expect to see it in other lines right away. I wonder what effect the Airflow Ridge technology had on this new SA development. I would expect the Sharkskin line to cast with less resistance. I wouldn't have thought it would help flotation but it does make some sense. Who is going to be the first on the forum to get one? It won't be long and I bet we see a Saltwater line or a Steelhead line.

    I was just thinking that the Sharkskin line will have more line surface on the water and it may not pick up as well do to the additional friction. That may not be the case but just something to think about. Also, they talk about air bubbles around the line, won't that make it more visible to the fish? Of course how can a yellow line be more visible. I may have to get one just to check it out.


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    Default Re: Fly Line with Sharkskin Technology

    I've heard something about a $100 SA line coming out, is this the critter?

    Steve, I think I needs me a Ridge line. I'll get with ya on that.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    yeah... this is it.

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    Default Re: Fly Line with Sharkskin Technology

    Wow, SA is proud of that new line. SA have smart marketing people and I don't think they would price the new line at this level unless it really is better. Go to this site and click on "Ultimate Trout Taper" and it will take you to the specs. Scan down and take a look at the taper of the line. I can't see the pattern in the picture of the line.


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    Default Re: Fly Line with Sharkskin Technology

    I've lawn cast the Sharkskin line and it does indeed seem to have a lot less friction through the guides.
    Two things surprised me, the noise it makes when shooting line (not too unlike silk lines) and how microscopic the Sharkskin pattern on the line is.
    I think it'll have one over on the Ridgeline because it doesn't seem to have channels that may trap dirt.
    I won't be forking over 100 Beanski's for it any time soon though! That's a lot of cash unless it has an outstanding warranty!

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    One hundred bucks for my fishing string!? I think it is the tail wagging the dog now.
    Living large in the Southwest.

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    The best part of this line in my opinion is the way it floats. It stayed high on the water all day through many different currents and seams. Being high on the water made it easier to mend as well. It didn't seem to cast that much easier than many of the lines I've casted in the last couple of years. The noise drove me a little crazy, especially when stripping fish in with a lot of friction. All in all I would say it is the best line I've used yet.

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    Hello to everyone from Spain.
    I had the opportunity to test this fly line in #8 last weekend.
    The truth is that is very special. It allows yourself, without effort, to do the longest casts. The flotation is spectacular but if you add intermediate or even sink tips it works equally very well. The corrections and mending are very easy. Personally I don't like the noise it make but the absolute perfection does not exist for anybody.
    In fishing action with dry fly, exempting a good silk line, is the best line that I have never proved. As a "all terrain" and float line is the best without doubts.
    The high price that you must pay I consider is well-taken.

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