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  1. Default Wader Advice Needed!

    Hey all, with my old waders recently biting the dust, I was hoping to buy a new pair for around $100 (everyone starts laughing). I live in HOT Arizona, so want a pair that are breathable and fairly lightweight. I also need to stay in budget becasue I really dont have much to spend. I know, I know. "You get what you pay for..." "Inexpsensive and good quality are mutually exclusive when it comes to waders." etc.... Still, I see a couple of interesting prospects and I am a bargain hunter.

    My question is, does anyoe know of such waders that would stay in budget and "fit the bill"? I am not opposed to buying used from someone reputable that won't sell me worthless leaky waders, if anyone has a good pair to sell me.

    The point though, is really this. What is the best pair of waders for fishing envoronments that range from hot to cool? I can always add more insulation underneath, so I don't want neoprenes or insulated waders. I don't wade THAT much, so they dont have to last a lifetime.

    Has anyone tried Caddis Deluxe Breathable waders? For around $100, they look god with attatched gravel guards and some interesting technology. Do they really work? How good is the quality?

    I know I am asking a lot for $100: Breathable, farily lightweight, fairly durable. Still, there must be some wader out there that fits the bill.

    Again, opinions and advice are welcome. I would apprecaite a pm if anybody has waders in GOOD CONDITION (no leaks) that they are willing to sell me or if anybody knows where such a pair can be found. I am 5'11" and weigh 160 lbs, so medium to medium long would be best, but depending on the brand large might also work.

    Let me know and thanks in advance.

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    You should check out Sierra Trading Post. They have some great deals on entry-level breathable waders right now. Plus, they are always sending out 25% off coupons if you subscribe to their e-mail list.

    Good luck!

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    You can't go wrong with the Cabela's or BPS' store brands. I am done with buying $300+ waders and stick to these. You can get breathable with built in gravel guards for a hundred bucks or less.

    It doesn't matter the price, I have to replace my waders once a year so why spend the big money for the same result?
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    Thanks everyone. So no one out there has tried caddis breathables?

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    Default Re: Wader Advice Needed!

    I am not going to push big money waders but I have a point for you to consider. Are there cactus where you will be fishing? I used to live in Colorado and one creek in particular had a type of cacti that had spines about an inch long. I avoided them like the plague but one day had one stick right through the thigh of a 5 ply pair of 'Wicked Tough' waders. So no matter what you buy, remember those cactus buddy


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    I will mainly be tubing on lakes, there arent any spots near cacti that I will be walking too (I can just put on the waders at the shore and take em off). I also want to use them on tailwaters like The Ferry and The Juan.

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    Default Re: Wader Advice Needed!

    Quote Originally Posted by rider14x View Post
    You should check out Sierra Trading Post. They have some great deals on entry-level breathable waders right now. Plus, they are always sending out 25% off coupons if you subscribe to their e-mail list.

    Good luck!
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    Look at Madison River Fly Company and see if they still have Simms in your size in the closeouts. They are a tad over your $100.00 mark but not by much and they are Simms. I got a pair from them.

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