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    Are the dan bailey breathables any good ?

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    The Bailey's waders are great and I have been using their lightweight bootfoot model for the past 4 years. They are very comfortable material that is less rigid than some of the other fabrics out there. I primarily fish from a boat 60 percent of the time and wade fish the other 40 percent. I have gotten two full seasons of guiding out of each pair and for the money I am very satisfied with the use I have gotten from them, I beat the hell out gear!

    If I were exclusively wade fishing I would maybe look at a wader with a heavier fabric but at the same time I can probably buy two pairs of the Bailey's for the same price as one pair of some of the other brands. I personally think they are a great wader, especially for the price. Good luck with your choices, there are many great products out there these days.

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