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Thread: Pimped my ride

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    Thanks to everyone for your interest, photos and input . I just ordered two Assault XX from Derek of NFO. It was a very pleasant experience and looking forward to getting it in the water. Will update later. Thanks again!! Also, this is an awesome forum!

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    You ordered TWO...!? I am envious to say the least. I think you will have a lot of in these...enjoy!

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    My wife is just as crazy about fishing as I am. So, if we don't get two of everything, the other guy will say "I wish I got one of those". We've been using kayaks for quite a while, but I think the use of the fins to adjust position will be nice as you mentioned. The ease of standing and fishing more often should be nice too. We have a jet boat as well, so we might have it covered until we see another idea for a new toy.

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    I was going to say, probably for your partner. I know that is the case for myself and hubby as well. We did stray from two of everything at the Renegades however. I sold "his" to get the XX, then I liked it so much I got the Assault..LOL We do have two X5 and are getting 2 Predators when available.

    You notice, we are not together on one boat in any pictures although we can put both frames on the X5 and the XX is a two man... :-)

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    My wife wants to know what the predator is. This is deadly.
    I'll say "look at this" and she says let's get 2.

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    We have Uinta's here with thousands of small lake in total forest. A lot of hiking. The Predator is very new. It is make out of Heart Valve material and very strong but insanely light. The Predator is basically a 6' U boat (like the Escape) but without oars. It weighs around 6 lbs. There is also to ultra light Assault. No D rings or bags, and super light at 8' with a 9lb scale load.

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    We googled Uinta's. That looks fabulous. Maybe on another trip out west sometime that should be included in the plan. Keep us up to date on the Predator. That ultralite Assault looks nice too.

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