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    Default Re: Chest Pack Recommendations?

    I have fallen in love with the William Joseph old school satchel. It's a sling, but it has a belt so it can flop at your side, be sinched he'd up tight on your back, or be swung around front. It's awesome...and on clearance at madison river fly co for $39.

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    Default Re: Chest Pack Recommendations?

    Interested in a chest pack also...Concerned about the size. Not so much for capacity but actual fit. (I'm a big guy, 6"2" and 230 lbs) I will have to purchase online due to my location,and do not want to have to deal w/ returns from FOB in AFG. Great thread BTW....
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    Default Re: Chest Pack Recommendations?

    The way the Simms Headwaters cinches up is interesting. It is highly adjustable while only needing to pull on two adjustments, though the system is hard to explain. Something tells me that it would fit your frame, Dave. I'm the opposite end of the spectrum, looking something like an extra in a movie about starvation (blame the metabolism), but I know that the straps have plenty of extra room. And yeah, some of those William Joseph bags are really neat looking, whether its those mag-closure bags or the old school satchel. I think a new Simms backpack is next on the purchase list though to carry camera equipment and the Headwaters pack will clip on to it...
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    William Joseph fan here.
    I have 2 each Mini II chest packs. One for my trout fishing and one for my smallie fishing.
    The 'security pack' is pretty useless and NOT waterproof!
    Other than that they hold everything I need to fish all day, for trout or smallies.
    I believe it has a lifetime warranty that includes repair of old or new items. I have never had to test this out but sounds good. I will probably send my older one in this fall after the season ends to get it 're-furbished.'


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vans View Post
    Im a chest pack junkie. Love them. I would recommend the William Joeseph Current chest pack with the magnetic closures. Works great. Great quality at a great price.
    +1...I use the WillyJoe and it is great. The magnetic closure and built-in zingers are really nice.

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