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    If you want something like the Badlands Monster, I honestly would go with it. At a price of $120 you could simply add some tack strips to the front of the shoulder straps for you nippers, gear pouch, etc... The Badlands Monster has a ton of storage and is very comfortable. I use a Badlands pack for hunting and they are good quality. It does sit low on your back so it will need to be removed if you are wading too deep. You will also have to remove it to access the main storage compartments.

    I also haven't seen a lumbar pack with the shoulder straps for fly fishing. If you want it to pack in a lot of gear I would suggest a modular pack that allows for add ons.

    Good luck!

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    I've been around the block several times trying to find a pack thats just right. Vests make my arthritic shoulders and neck sore. I had the Waterdance and while it was a good pack I found that I prefer one large main pocket as opposed to multiples. A lanyard for doo-dads and fishing shirt with multiple pockets for indicators, leaders etc. works fine for me.

    I ordered the Nimbus. Just got it and so far its great. Fishpond really did this product right. Great design. Holds tons of stuff if you want it. 579 cu. in. I got some military surplus load bearing suspenders for the long hikes and when I need extra support. Took a test hike with it the other day and it was very comfortable. I'll actually be fishing with it in another month or so and post my experience.

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    I recently got the Orvis 'Safe Passage' vertical chest pack. The 'reddish' one. Love it.


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    These are some great suggestions everyone, I appreciate the help!

    TAT, I also currently own a Nimbus and I am going to try adding the suspenders to it as well, I think that would do exactly what I'm looking for, I dont have a butt so lumbar packs just fall right off of me or drag down around my knees, hence the reason I am looking for one with suspenders, so I think this will work!


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    The Nimbus with suspenders worked great. I wore it all week, fishing about 7 hours per day. The lumbar belt on this pack is much improved over previous designs. Very comfortable. Saved my lower back. Appreciated the mesh design in the heat. The main compartment is huge and easy to overload with junk you'll probably never use. So pack frugally. I packed a rain jacket, large fly box, sandwich, granola bars, bandana, band aids, license, phone, extra tippet and a few leaders along with sunblock and bug juice. The suspenders have some handy clip hooks on the front which I used to connect a tippet hanger and hemos. Dispensed with the lanyard altogether. That thing was always getting in the way. I connected my net to the back of the suspenders. Tried the net holder sleeve design on the lumbar belt but it just felt kind of uncomfortable and clumsy. I'm sure it works OK with one with a handle thats flatter than my Frabill metal frame. Kept a filter bottle in one of the bottle holders. The other one was kept empty. The straps on the bottom of the pack were handy for drying out the rain jacket. Got caught in a couple of downpours. Contents stayed dry.

    Overall I'm very pleased with this setup and will probably make some mods over the winter. Need to find a small pouch or two I can connect to the front of the belt to keep my pocket camera and a small fly box handy.

    ETA: I kept most of the load of the pack on my waist and had the suspenders pretty loose. The design of the belt and suspension system on this pack is first rate. I also suffer from no butt and this pack was one of the first lumbars that really fit well. I probably could have done just fine without the suspenders. Might replace the militarys and design some super portable and lightweight suspenders that I can keep tucked away just in case. Would be a good reason to dig out the wifey's sewing machine. Fishpond really did their homework on this one.

    This system has been a huge relief for my arthritic neck and shoulders. I used to suffer for days after a trip. Not anymore. Thank you Fishpond!!
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    Good idea on the suspenders ... but as a former Fishpond waist pack user I am wondering how you get to the pack if it is clipped to suspender over your shoulders? I mean how do you slide it around you waist from back to front to access stuff when you need it?

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    I use the pack as storage for items I don't need immediate access to. Rain jacket, snacks, extra fly box, etc. When I'm thirsty I just reach behind me and grab the bottle. By loosening the suspenders and loosening the belt a bit I can easily slide the pack around to either hip for access. If I needed full frontal access I just dropped the suspenders. For the whole week I only had to do that about 4-5 times. Other times I'd just drop the whole thing on the bank to get out my lunch or take a break. The pack makes an excellent pillow for those mid afternoon bankside snoozes BTW.

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