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  1. Default Wind Russian outboards

    has anyone any experience of using the Russian Wind 8 hp outboard engines?

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    Default Re: Wind Russian outboards

    Does it run on Vodka?

    In other news: Congratulations! You win the prize for weirdest first post yet!

    jk, welcome to the group!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Wind Russian outboards

    Hi shimna,

    Welcome to the forum. I searched for information on the Wind Russian Outboards and came up with nothing. Are you in Russia or Alaska? Can you tell us more about this "Wind" engine. The only wind engine that I know about comes after eating a lot of beans.


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    I have seen one since the posting and I've kept an option on buying. Here's the deal....these engines sell at $600 new ...compared to $2,800 for an equivalent size Yamaha or Mariner . Thet certainly look a little cruder but come with a complete set of spare parts.I'd like to know if anyone has tried them just....but obviously they haven't reached the USA yet ?

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    Yes I own one
    as does my brother in law
    bought it for 200 euro
    they were advertised recently in Ireland for 500 euo
    mine was brand new in 2006 or so
    manufactured in Russia 1994
    I received ''in factory grease''
    along with bags of dessicant with
    cyrillic characters
    tool kit
    cargo prop
    spare tool kit
    and owners manual
    Interesting piece of equipment.

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    I changed the gear oil
    and ran it in a bit last year
    had it out last night
    got v hot dont think it was pumping water
    the rubber impeller
    (you get a spare)
    may be gunked up
    need more time to inspect
    The rubber hoses etc are all poor quality
    the BIL replaced his with proper fuel line
    and new hose clips
    They certainly lack finesse out of the box
    all the rbber and plastics are poor quality
    as you would expect
    The owners manual practically
    tells you how to make a new one
    the end user is expected to be handy

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