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    Default Saltwater Boat question

    will be moving back to in Scotland has absolutly no Guides and is a great fishing area. I know so many great spots that arent fished or noticed
    So my question is I would like to buy/Build a saltwater boat to access the beaches and coves regular boats cant access them due to the sand bars only giving around 3 feet of clearance i used to access them via Kayak ( not pratical for taking people on )

    I was wondering how rough of seas a Flats boat can handle as i love the style and versitlity if it can handle 3-4ft wave (i dont head out if its to rough as i get sea sick LOL) I have a 14ft boat but you cant cast of it is just a drop line over and reel in boat.
    I am not a whole lot familair with a flats boat and how much they can take i also like the posibility of using it on the lochs as some are shallower than most but are great fishing

    If anyone has any flats boats experiance i would be extremely interested in your experiance's with them and how they handle in the waves etc
    Or if you have any other suggestions i am open to your advise and opinions
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    Im sure there are others that have more experience than I on this one (Jim and Cliff leap to mind) but I do have tens of hours logged in flats boats. It really depends on the particular type of flats boat as to its ability in choppy water (the hull design). A panga is going to deal with the chop of beach situations better than a flats skiff, but there are some innovative skiff hull designs for dealing with choppier water. Skip's stingray is one of those designs if I'm not mistaken. Double-hull skiff designs will likely be more in your ballpark. Have a look at what some of the guides a little further up the Atlantic coast (and on the pacific coast) are using, they tend to see rougher seas while sometimes having similar draft requirements to guys running in the Gulf. Like I said, hopefully saner minds will prevail here, though I love one day to be a boat owner (again... I count the boat my parents had when I was very young now all my boat time is spent on friends boats whenever I'm back home).
    - A.J.

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    Default Re: Saltwater Boat question

    You do not want a Hell's Bay type boat up there in 3-4' swells. A panga would be better because of the deep V on the bow, but they're still designed for calmer water.

    If you're regularly going to be in 3-4' swells, and occasionally 5-6', I'd want a boat that's about 20' long with a real deep V hull. SOmething like this would be a starting point- Wellcraft | 180 FISHERMAN

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