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Thread: The Tent Thread;

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    I had a 32' Pace Arrow class A motor home... gave it away
    Too much work and expense
    Plus once you parked it.... you were stuck there

    I was practically born in a tent
    My parents were tenters and when I was 6 months old we toured the Canadian Maritimes, camping in a WWII shelter half pup tent
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    I live much of the time in an urban environment with this big computer and indoor plumbing. We have a Tempurpedic foam mattress and a BIG refrigerator. Sophisticated restaurants can easily be walked to and, if we are willing to wait in a long line, a $7 single, small scoop of wonderful hazelnut gelatto can be had around the corner on a hot summer evening.

    Though it would be much easier to stay in a motel or rent an RV, as many of my fishing buddies do, my long time fishing partner from the West Coast and my wife as well, are staunch tent campers during the month we spend plying the rivers and streams of the Rocky Mountain country. Sure, it can be truly cold on a late June morning gathering my not so young bones out of the sleeping bag but hot, strong French pressed coffee is soon to improve my state and my partner, known as Mr. Breakfast, will stand over our high BTU two burner unit browning potatoes to celebrate a rasher of smoked pork belly and a brace of hen's eggs with. Fishing clear, cold rivers for wild trout with a dry fly is hard work and on long July days can extend into late twilight. Often we don't get off the water until 11P so we will break in the afternoon for camp chores, early cocktails and a 2" thick rib eye at 5 or 6:O'clock to sustain us through the spinner fall.

    Of course, we can't back pack all this plunder so we are un-apologetically "Truck Camping" but most of the richest trout environments are down in the valleys where RXR tracks and roads have provided wheeled access for over a century now. A tent camp enables us to move from river to stream based on CFS, water temperature and reported insect emergences; no reservations required though a data connected Blackberry is helpful. A movable tent camp facilitates exploration of rivers or sections of rivers not previously fished by us, further enhanced by towing a Clackacraft behind the big Chevy as well.

    Crawling into the tent, zipping the mosquito netted door and extinguishing the LED lamp, only a thin layer of coated rip-stop nylon taffeta separates us from the weather, the sonorous sounds of the flowing river beside us, the calls of birds and the song of a distant family of coyotes. What was that loud GLUMP of a splash I just heard near the bank-overhanging alder just a few strides away? It is the mystery of that glump as I drift off to sleep in the tent that sustains me during the gray, snow encrusted winter time in the city that is my legal address.

    My partner uses a Mountain Hardwear tent and I replaced this old North Face VE25 this year with an MSR Holler

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;


    How are you liking the MSR? I am in need of another tent for guests.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    My old Mountain Hardware Litewedge III (on it's second rainfly) is a nice tent. However, I've always wanted a tepee...
    Camping is the only way to go on an extended road trip (IMO).

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    I saw some other mention of these Eureka Tetragon tents. This one has seen my fishing partner and me through some nasty stuff. For the $$$ these are really good car camping tents.

    Believe this was October at 9,700 feet 3 years ago. It was a little chilly.


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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    Teepee is really cool looking! Always wondered how you kept the rain from going down the lodge poles into the teepee ?
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
    "There's more B.S. in fly fishing then there is in a Kansas feedlot." Lefty Kreh
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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    [/COLOR]Geoff ( fixed for ya :P ),

    Severe weather is what lead up to the purchase of the North Face for me. I love a tall tent but sometimes the short height is what keeps it together. You ought to post a couple pictures (please ) to show the construction if you have some. I like seeing other tents than what I own.
    I will set them up in the backyard if you dont mind urban pictures, haha. I dont think I have any pictures of them set at camp.

    I also must commend Colemen on their OUTSTANDING customer service. When my now backup tent was my primary, the elastic that holds the poles together broke. Its not big deal, until you do what I did and forget to pick up all the sectiosn and leave one at some campground. With making due my scarificing a rainfly section ( which BTW - sever weather happened that night and even one side deformed it still stayed up and didnt leak a drop, other tents in the group not so lucky ) to hold the main dome up. I email Colemen and asked if I could find replacement poles somewhere for them. They gave me a list of parts and I told them which ones I needed, which they then responded by saying this isnt normally covered under any warenty, but since I was kind enough to ask about it, they would send a complete new set of poles out to me at no cost. Instant way to make a lifetime customer now.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    I LOVE tents almost as much as I love my Fly Rods...Here are a couple from past trips...

    Moss Titan GT in Allegheny National Forest

    Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 in Shenandoah National Park

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    HardyReels, I, like the above, have been a long time Moss Tent fan. Nothing lasts forever and made in Maine Moss's are long gone. The design rights were sold to Cascade Designs who produce the Mountain Safety Research (MSR) tents which are sewn very well in Taiwan. MSR has preserved and continued Moss's penchant for creativity, quality and light weight and produce a very fine tent. I bought my new MSR "Holler" 3 person tent sight unseen over the net. As it uses canopy mounted clips to attach to the very clever tubular frame poles rather than sleeves like my Moss or old North Face tents, it is much easier to erect and take down. This is a plus for me though I don't believe it is quite as stable in a storm as the sleeve designs. My critical caveat with the new tent is that it ain't no 3 person tent. It is a 2 person tent as long as the other person is my wife. It is smaller and lower than I had imagined and the tight curve the zippers have to negotiate in opening/closing the single layer door (I preferred the 2 layer: Nylon/Bug mesh doors of the North Face) require 2 hands and a little more care than I like in the middle of the night... On the plus side, MSR uses top grade materials and construction and fine details - the optional footprint, which I recommend, has tabs that perfectly coordinate with the tent so the tip of the pole goes trough booth simultaneously - there is a mesh "shelf" ideal for safe stowing of eye glasses - ventilation enhancement detailing is elegant and intelligent. MSR gets a thumbs up but be certain any model selected is the right size for your intended application, look at the actual measurements not their capacity recommendation. It is a little like a CFO III being rated for 5-weight line...fine if 50 yards of backing is sufficient because you are only fishing the Battenkill.

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    Default Re: The Tent Thread;

    I'm a camper and most of my camp trips are out of the kayak so I've got a collection of light weight one man tents.

    My favorite right now is the one person Sumberjack

    A friend of mine son was studying geology in school and part of his studies was six weeks in the field - Grand Canyon, New Mexico, west Texas - when he graduated he took a job on the oil rigs in the gulf and gave me this tent. Can't beat a free tent.
    It's a Eureka Apex 2. What I like about it is that it has doors on both sides. Good for that midnight run.

    With the idea of packing light, a few years ago I bought a cheap one man bivey for a four day trip down the Brazos River. I like the compactness of it but its so small you'll get a cramp in your shoulder just trying to take your shirt off. It took a 10 hour rain with no leaks that trip, so it did its job.

    Here's my kayak camping set up. Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow and tarp. It all fits in a good dry bag and fits perfect in my front hatch.

    It's about time to pull it all out, I have a river camp coming up in two week.
    "I don't go to the river to fish, but I do quite a bit of it while I'm there." - Riverbilly

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